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YouTube star shares her journey with holistic infertility treatments

GloZell N/A

GloZell is known for her hilarious YouTube videos and animated personality. She vlogs on everything from bullying to dating, and has gone viral several times, including her cinnamon challenge video which racked up over 40 million views.

Now GloZell is taking on a new challenge: sharing her experience trying to conceive a child. We asked GloZell what her holistic infertility journey has been like.

SheKnows: What made you choose holistic treatments over more traditional medical interventions?

GloZell: My journey started off as holistic fertility. When I realized I had a problem, I assumed it was my husband’s fault because he is 10 years older. We both got tested and he was fine. NOT FAIR! But, it worked out because I will do everything I have to do. With the pressure of time working against me, I combined both holistic and traditional treatments through my journey. I believe holistic ways can help what we now call “traditional” medicine. Holistic methods came first…. so that used to be traditional! It can only help to eat better and think positively, for example.

SK: When did you start considering surrogacy? What was attractive to you about it?

It’s been about two years, getting as healthy as I can to make the best quality eggs possible. What was attractive about using a surrogate was that it’s an option! The doctors said that it would be very high risk for me to carry using IVF due to my age and endometriosis. Knowing that someone else could carry my biological children is such a gift.

SK: Where are you now in your journey toward having a baby? Do you feel like the YouTube community is supporting you through it?

In a few weeks, my amazing surrogate will be implanted and a few days later we will find out if she is pregnant. The YouTube community has been great. My fans, men and women who can relate to what I’m going through, have all offered their support. I will ask my Glo Bugz to help name him/her/them.

SK: You’re an extremely popular YouTube personality – are there more projects like this in your future?

I would love to continue to use my platform to inform. People tend to receive information much better if it happens to be entertaining and from someone they love.

xoxo – GloZell

See the trailer for Glo All In below. Glo All In’s first episode debuts on Awestruck’s YouTube channel Sunday, November 15.

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