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Kendra Wilkinson is reportedly deeply unhappy with her marriage

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s marriage has reportedly been on the rocks for a while now, and new reports suggest things are only getting worse.

Not only is Wilkinson no longer on top, it seems that she’s practically hit rock bottom.

According to Us Weekly, Wilkinson spent Halloween sans her husband, and a source who saw her out and about said she was clearly on the prowl.

Wilkinson even admitted on her reality show that she looks for attention from men to feel validated.

“I have some guys I’ve been texting lately that I think are not just in the friend category — even just a ‘Hey’ from a guy from my past turns me the f*** on,” she said during the Sept. 11 episode. “I’m trying my hardest to distance myself from that feeling. I’m like, ‘I’m married again,’ but when a guy hits me up it’s hard to shut that feeling off.”

Still, it seems like this is a sign of much deeper issues.

And a source, who Us Weekly described as a “pal” of the couple, reportedly said Wilkinson just wants to stay with Baskett for the sake of their two children, but she’s “deeply unhappy.”

Their reality TV show could also be a driving force behind what keeps the couple together. Wilkinson has had quite the career as a reality star since first appearing on The Girls Next Door. But her show now, Kendra on Top, focuses on her relationship with Baskett. No marriage means the show will probably get canceled, which has to be motivation enough to make it work even if the relationship clearly isn’t.

It sounds like Wilkinson isn’t getting attention from Baskett in any of the departments she needs it. On another recent episode of Kendra on Top, Wilkinson told her therapist that she’s not satisfied in the bedroom either. She looks for Baskett to take charge and put forth some effort, but she feels that he just doesn’t.

Do you think Wilkinson and Baskett can make it work or, after everything, are they still headed for divorce?

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