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Caitlyn Jenner’s birthday tweet to Kris reveals the state of their family

It has been a long road for Caitlyn and Kris Jenner during the past year, but the two might have finally found a healthy balance with their relationship after marriage.

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Kris celebrated her 60th birthday yesterday, and Caitlyn reached out to her online to wish her all the best.

And though this tweet may not prove the two are exactly besties, it does prove they are still standing strong together for the sake of their family.

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Kris very openly and understandably revealed her struggles with Caitlyn’s transition. Not only did Kris see her former husband become a woman, but her life was also irrevocably altered as the relationship she’d come to know over the past 15 years ended.

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Kris explained, “It’s hard, you know, it’s really, really hard. What I have realized in all of this is that everyone handles stuff a different way. No matter what it is, you know. We’re all people. We all have different emotions.”

Yet, Kris has remained publicly supportive of Caitlyn and her decision to live as her true self. She called Caitlyn’s ESPYs speech “amazing and very brave,” when asked for her reaction by Us Weekly.

And the relationship between the two heads of the Kardashian/Jenner clan seemed especially noticeable this past month since the family has had a lot to celebrate. Kim Kardashian had her birthday. Both Caitlyn and Kris attended Kim’s recent baby shower. Kendall Jenner turned 20 years old. And Caitlyn also celebrated her birthday just last week.

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Of course, as nice as Caitlyn’s birthday message to Kris was, it admittedly wasn’t Kris’ favorite birthday gift. She revealed who got that honor on Instagram.

Happy birthday, Kris!

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