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Kim Zolciak blasted for being a bad influence on her daughters (PHOTO)

Kim Zolciak is doing well following her heart surgery, and on Friday, she took to Instagram to share a sweet photo of herself and her daughters Brielle and Ariana — but the picture has attracted some harsh criticism.

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The three women look beautiful, but critics have slammed Zolciak for being a bad influence on her daughters, claiming she has had “surgery” and is “fake.”

“Maybe you should lay off the surgery not a positive image to set for girls. You all are beautiful don’t need it. Stop please,” hothippsshared.

brendatd09 also slammed Zolciak, writing, “Sad to see your daughters as young as they are starting to look as fake as you do.”

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The negative comments include, “Stop the duck lips! Smiling is so much better and prettier!@kimzolciakbiermann @briellebiermann,” “Sorry too fake,” and “So. Many. Wigs!”

Smhdlars took issue with Zolciak’s teen daughter looking “plastic,” writing, “What is brielle [sic] doing? Looks plastic, too early to mess with your face!!!”

Say what you want about Zolciak, but she truly seems like she’s a fantastic mom who would do anything for her children, and her caption on the picture echoes these sentiments. She wrote,” Nothing I wouldn’t do for these two @briellebiermann@arianabiermann” — and that’s so important. Who doesn’t want a mom who loves them?

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Do you think the criticism Kim Zolciak has received is incredibly unfair? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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