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Scandal: Did Olivia’s latest move signal the end of Olitz?

Scandal is doing a really good job of making us cringe right now. But for maybe the first time, the cringe is aimed at Olivia.

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For someone who is so good at digging up the truth and sharing it with the world, Olivia isn’t taking her own advice to “tell the truth,” as she lies about her father while staring Fitz straight in the face.

And there is no way he’s just going to have an “Oh, I get it. No big deal” attitude when it comes out that Olivia helped her father escape, even though she was doing it to protect Fitz’s presidency. And you know that secret isn’t going to stay buried forever. There’s no way Fitz isn’t going to find out eventually. By the looks of next week’s teaser, that secret might even be out as early as next week.

But it’s a secret that shouldn’t stay buried.

Isn’t Olivia letting Eli out of jail almost as bad — if not worse — than what Mellie did by working with Eli and inadvertently murdering that bus full of grand jurors?

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And not because of the crime, but because of the way Olivia is lying to Fitz in a way that mirrors Mellie’s corruption. Plus, now that Eli’s out, you can bet he’s planning on murdering a lot more people than would fit in a bus. He’s already killed one person that we know of. And that’s just the one we know about at this point.

Of course, while we’re cringing at Olivia on the one hand, the show, on the other, deserves major props. I have no idea how the writers are planning to get Olivia out of this one without everyone turning against her. And I can’t wait to see it unfold. Which means, despite the fact that Scandal is in its fifth season, it never ceases to surprise. Any by turning fans against Olivia, even a little (because let’s be real, I will never stop aspiring to be like Olivia Pope), the show has managed to make the season feel new and fresh.

Even Huck might abandon Olivia for this move. And Huck considering abandoning Olivia is something that never occurred to me before as even in the realm of possibility. And though Fitz is Olivia’s soul mate, Huck is her family. I’m honestly not sure which relationship loss would be more heartbreaking.

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So while I love the Olivia tonight who took down Holland for being a horrible guy, I can’t reconcile with the Olivia who would make the one move that could break Huck and destroy her relationship with Fitz.

Do you think Olivia and Fitz can survive her potentially catastrophic Eli Pope lie?

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