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Don’t Be Tardy: 5 Reasons Brielle and Slade could still end up married

Brielle Biermann and Slade Osborne may currently be on the outs, but if the latest episode of Don’t Be Tardy is any indication, they could still have a future together. Highlighted below are a few key signs pointing to an eventual reconciliation for Bravo’s teenage power couple.

1. Osborne gets along with the Zolciak-Biermann family

Kim Zolciak has frequently shared her approval of Osborne on Don’t Be Tardy, even going so far as to refer to him as a “mini Kroy Biermann.” She may think it’s unwise for her daughter to chase after a man instead of pursuing her dreams in Los Angeles, but she has also claimed on several occasions that Biermann and Osborne are the perfect couple. Witnessing their breakup and the ensuing social media storm cannot have been easy for Zolciak, who at the time of filming seemed to already regard Osborne as a son-in-law.

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2. Osborne is Biermann in guy form

Osborne and Biermann have plenty of chemistry, but there’s a whole lot more to their relationship than mere passion. On Don’t Be Tardy, the two display a natural sense of camaraderie — much like what fans of the show would expect to see in a fun-loving (but, perhaps, dimwitted) married couple.

Brielle Biermann
Image: Bravo

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3. Giuliana Rancic thinks that a long-distance relationship is possible for Biermann and Osborne

Rancic is Biermann’s idol, so her advice is not taken lightly. During a touching segment from last week’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy, Rancic told Biermann all about the long-distance relationship she maintained with Bill Rancic before they tied the knot. What’s more, she seemed to think that long-distance dating could be a viable solution for Biermann and Osborne.

Slade and Brielle
Image: Bravo

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4. Their Twitter followers won’t stop hassling them until they’re back together

If nothing else will convince Biermann and Osborne to give their romance another try, constant harassment from the Twitterverse just might do the trick. Although their breakup is old news, fans are still busy expressing their sadness on Twitter. The following are just a few of the recent tweets from fans who desperately want Biermann and Osborne to get back together.

5. Rose the psychic predicted a long future for the couple

Tonight on Don’t Be Tardy, the Zolciak-Biermann family’s psychic told Biermann and Osborne that they’d be married within a year. To be fair, she didn’t actually say that they’d be married to each other — but that’s certainly what she implied. Zolciak thinks that Rose knows what she’s talking about, as she accurately predicted Zolciak and Biermann’s happy marriage.

Do you think Brielle Biermann and Slade Osborne’s relationship is over for good? Or could wedding bells be in their future? Comment and share your opinion below.

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