Sleepy Hollow: Why Grace Dixon needs to be a series regular

Nov 5, 2015 at 11:51 p.m. ET
Image: Fox

Sleepy Hollow brought back Grace Dixon in the latest episode — and her brief appearance has us wondering why she can't be a more permanent part of the show.

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Better than Betsy and Pandora

Betsy Ross isn't a bad character and it's sort of fun to watch her tromping around in trousers and boots in a time when ladies weren't supposed to do that. But when it comes to popularity, Miss Ross has nothing on Grace Dixon. Then there's Pandora, who's also doing a pretty bang-up job of keeping things interesting in Sleepy Hollow. But again, when you compare her to Grace, there's just no comparison.


Granted, Grace doesn't go around beating people up or summoning monsters, but she doesn't need to do either to command a presence on the show. Why do the fans love her so much? Maybe it's because her character has a deep connection to both Ichabod and Abbie, but that connection doesn't come with any of the awkwardness that Katrina had or Betsy has now. Having a link to the past is a vital part of this show, but wouldn't it be great if Grace were that link?


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Keeping the canon

One huge drawback to Betsy's introduction has been that her appearance tore a hole in the show's canon. Ichabod wasn't supposed to have any other love or flirtation or whatever in his life other than Katrina. Then Betsy came along in her boots and with her familiarity with weapons and changed everything we thought we knew about him. It also brought up a lot of questions in the fandom, such as why he would be so shocked to see a woman wearing pants when he woke from his big sleep if he'd been running around with a woman like Betsy. Putting Grace in all the flashbacks instead of Betsy would take all of that away.


Ghostly visions?

Having Grace in the past would be nice and all, but it would be even better if she could appear sometimes in the present. Ichabod and Abbie have quite the supernatural enemy to fight at the moment, and with her vast knowledge of magical arts, Grace would make one heck of an ally. At the same time, something might be lost in her character if she were dropped into the modern world. Ichabod learning to use a cell phone is odd enough, but Grace doing it would be strange indeed.


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One way she could appear in the current time would be to come back again as a ghost. She did it once to help out Abbie and Ichabod, so why not again? Maybe they could conjure her up when they need her or, better yet, maybe she could just appear when she felt their need: A spiritual guide who is literally a spirit. Ultimately it would be up to the writers to decide how to bring her back, but turning her into a regular character would make a lot of people very happy.

Do you wish that Grace Dixon was a permanent character on Sleepy Hollow?