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Chelsea O’Donnell releases new statement that hints at more trouble to come

Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter Chelsea is not pulling any punches when it comes to how she feels about two very important women in her life, but is she cutting out the wrong people?

Chelsea just released a statement about the media coverage of her strained relationships with her adoptive mother Rosie O’Donnell and her biological mother Deanna Micoley, and it sounds like she is getting rid of everyone close to her except her boyfriend, who has a criminal record for heroin possession.

In the statement, issued by her rep to Entertainment Tonight, Chelsea again denies having a mental illness as claimed by Rosie, reveals that she no longer desires a relationship with her bio mom and calls Rosie’s recent actions “unforgivable.”

“So many things I have said have been cut or distorted for the media hype of two interviews I have done and I want to clear the air from my own voice,” Chelsea wrote. “Am I hurt for the things that have been said about me? Yes! I never grew up and chose to be a ‘public figure,’ and my goal has and never will be to be on TV or in print unless as a model. So anyone speaking untruth [sic] about me personally and my life led me to my own voice.”

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“What most don’t seem to understand is that I am so grateful to have been adopted and I love my siblings dearly and miss them everyday [sic]. I support several adoption agencies today proudly. Just like many 18-year-olds, I am simply just trying to find my OWN identity through life and that hasn’t been easy a lot of times always being in the public eye as a child, and not by choice.

“Do I have a mental illness? No, but I do have a disease I suffer from and it is called depression and another called anxiety, like so many millions of others out there. When I turned a certain age I had a deep desire to know where I came from at birth and what my biological family looked like and were from, so I did that and although I was disappointed, I am glad to have closure on that part of my life and I have no desires to continue a relationship with the woman who gave birth to me.”

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“Today, I am trying to heal deep settled wounds and continue on with my high school education I was unable to finish and go to college to do great things in my life.

“It amazes me how many are so quick to want to judge me, yet have never lived in my shoes. I don’t need a mansion or a million dollars to make me content or happy. I am humble enough to work at Walmart if it were necessary.

“Finally, a part of my heart will always care for Rosie, but many things she has done to me over the past few months are unforgivable at the present. Some things just take time, if ever. Everything further personally will be handled via me and my family alone and not publicly, unless necessary.”

According to Entertainment Tonight, Chelsea later amended the statement to remove the portion about her biological mother and the entire final paragraph about Rosie.

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The statement might be an angry reaction to something Rosie herself told ET earlier this week. “I have a daughter who’s in a crisis,” she said. “Any mother or father who’s ever had a child in crisis, they know it’s upsetting until your child is once again safely on the shore and not in [the] rapids. Sadly, right now, Chelsea seems to be in the rapids, and her family loves her and misses her.”

Interestingly, Rosie just tweeted this message about a power-hungry Hollywood publicist — we’re thinking this is probably Chelsea’s rep.

Chelsea has not commented on the warning.

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