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Robin Williams’ widow allegedly making money by exposing his deepest secrets

Robin William’s widow, Susan, is allegedly shopping a tell-all book about his family and their relationship.

And Robin’s children and friends aren’t happy about it, according to Radar Online.

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“Everything that she is doing now is to drum up attention,” said a source, who Radar Online notes is close to Susan. “Her objective is purely for profit.”

Apparently, a few publishers have already shown interest in the book.

This isn’t the first divide between Robin’s children and Susan, who was married to the late comedian for about three years before his death.

The family headed to court following his death to come to an agreement about how to divide up Robin’s estate.

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During a new interview with People, though, Susan explained that it was less about Robin’s children and more about “the trustees were starting to do what they do; I was not even back at home.”

Susan explained to the outlet that she was told she wouldn’t even be able to keep her wedding gifts because they were defined under the category of memorabilia.

“I had to fight to keep my husband’s slippers,” she added.

Though a lawyer for Robin’s three children asserted that Susan was refusing to turn over family heirlooms that rightfully belonged to his kids, according to the New York Daily News.

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But at the end of it all, Susan feels that Robin’s voice was ultimately heard by the judge, who allowed Susan and her children to remain at their Bay Area estate along with keeping items like a bike the couple bought on their honeymoon and Robin’s watch.

Do you think Susan Williams wants to make money by revealing Robin’s secrets, or is she just trying to set the record straight?

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