Transcendent‘s L.A. reveals what it was like coming out to her father

Last night on the season finale of Transcendent, Bionka had a long overdue heart-to-heart with her grandmother, and the ladies got a last-minute surprise request from Big Freedia at San Francisco Pride. And, L.A. finally revealed her true identity to her father. In this exclusive blog, L.A. shares her thoughts on appearing in Season 1.

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What can I say? This really has been a roller coaster of all sorts. I’ve never been so vulnerable in my life yet, and I’ve also never felt so free… So alive!

The moment I found out that I was going to be part of the show, I was just like, “Wait, what? OK!” It all happened so quickly, and I was just thrown into the bunch. It was definitely a big change being in front of the cameras, but I told myself that I would tell my story and be who I am completely. No point of denying or pretending to be someone you’re not.

Filming was always just a blast, not even with just the cast members, but with the crew and everyone involved. It really just felt so natural, and we were all one huge inappropriate family. It definitely was always a riot. Organized chaos I should say, ha-ha!

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For me, every moment and every scene were just unforgettable. Being in front of the camera is liberating, and you just feel like you want to literally jump through the lens and through the audience’s TV screen — shake their heads and be like, “This is me!” I loved every moment of it.

The whole series was just fantastic. It showcased who we really are as people. Nothing was scripted, and it showed how organic we are individually and as a group.

The one thing I would’ve loved to change if I was allowed to was my freakin’ braces! I literally just got them when we started filming. I don’t know why I agreed to it but, hey, hopefully, people appreciated seeing me on-screen masticating like a goat. Oh well… ha-ha!

At the end of the day, I just hope I was able to inspire. Especially the final scene with me and my dad. It really was just the best feeling — like it was the start of a new beginning. No point of me holding back anymore. This is me, and I’m ready to conquer anything!

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