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Below Deck‘s Kate Chastain: 7 Reasons she makes the show worth watching

If you’re not watching the Bravo show Below Deck, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. One, because it’s the embodiment of a guilty pleasure, and two, because: Kate Chastain.

If you watch Below Deck, you know who Chastain is. If you don’t, she’s the Chief Stew, aka, the woman in charge of making sure the interior of the boat runs smoothly. Also, she’s the funniest person on the boat and your make-believe BFF.

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From her exchanges with Rocky Dakota to her arguments with the now departed (from the boat) Chef Leon, here are seven reasons Kate Chastain rules the seven seas.

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1. She’s good at her job

Think what you want of Chastain, but there’s no denying that she knows her stuff aboard a white boat. Never one to turn up her nose at a guest request — regardless of how ridiculous — and always one to make sure turn-down runs smoothly, Chastain always has things covered. (Also, the woman throws one hell of a theme party. Scavenger hunt, anyone?)

2. Her ability to keep her cool when dealing with Rocky Dakota

kate chastain
Image: Tumblr

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As entertaining and hilarious as she is, Dakota isn’t necessarily the person you want to have working for you — unless, you know, you need a mermaid. Despite getting irritated at Dakota numerous times throughout the season (with good reason), Chastain has always managed to keep an even keel when dealing with Dakota. Though, Dakota may say otherwise.

3. Her Real Housewives taglines for the cast of Below Deck — ’nuff said

Chastain created taglines for the Below Deck crew during a visit with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. They’re everything. Leon’s? Dying!

4. She’s honest

kate chastain
Image: Reality TV GIFs

If and when Chastain is ever called out for anything, she’s more than willing to woman up and accept the blame. Or, at least give one hell of an excuse.

5. Her relationship with Chef Ben is kind of adorable
She likes him. He likes her. But neither is willing to admit they’re more than friends with benefits. It’s kind of adorable, if not infuriating, to watch.

6. She’s always ready to get creative with her… towel art

Remember this? Who doesn’t! She turned a towel into a penis after a guest was rude to her. And the best part was the guest loved it!

7. Her deadpan humor is endlessly entertaining

kate chastain
Image: Tumblr

And let’s be honest here, it’s pretty much the reason to tune in to the show.

What do you think of Kate Chastain? Who’s your favorite Below Deck cast member?

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