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AHS: Hotel: Will the virus run rampant now that it’s outside of the Cortez?

American Horror Story: Hotel just upped the creepy factor in a major way by bringing the virus outside the Hotel Cortez.

And not only did the show unleash the blood virus on the general public, but they started with children.

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There is nothing more terrifying than blank-staring, entirely too-calm youngsters amid a scene of mass chaos and murder. Welcome to AHS: Hotel Episode 5 tonight after Alex uses her new blood to help cure a young boy with measles.

I get what she was trying to do. And I can also partly excuse her because she had a newly changed brain, but come on?! She “cures” the kid and then unleashes him on an entire school.

Clearly, she doesn’t have what it takes to hack it in the blood virus world. She’s too sensitive. And while that may sound like a good thing given that the blood virus seems to zap all empathy, in Alex’s case, it’s just getting her into some serious trouble.

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Granted, I was torn about the Countess’ decision to change Alex from the first moment she suggested it. Most importantly, what about John and Alex’s still-living daughter, Scarlett? Since it seems that Lowe has some seriously big problems of his own since moving into the Hotel Cortez (I’m convinced that he’s the deadly sins serial killer), who is going to take care of the Lowes’ daughter now that both of them have such big issues of their own to deal with?

But it also bothers me because I have a feeling the Countess is playing a dangerous game. She seems to be silently in control. Always. And that means that she has a very strategic idea of what she’s doing by integrating Alex into the world of the Hotel Cortez. I don’t think we quite know what she’s playing at just yet but there’s no way it bodes well for the Lowe family.

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It will be interesting to see if the Countess bothers to fix Alex’s little blood virus horde of children or if she leaves her to clean up the mess on her own. Of course, I can’t see the Countess letting it continue since it could potentially affect her livelihood that she’s worked so hard to build. In that case, the world and all its children might be in luck.

Are you surprised AHS brought the blood virus outside of the hotel?

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