Amy Duggar's husband responds to the CMAs dig against Josh Duggar

Nov 5, 2015 at 12:40 a.m. ET

There’s clearly no love lost between Josh Duggar and his cousin Amy’s husband.

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Dillon King, who recently married Amy Duggar, posted his reaction to a joke about Josh on Instagram, and his thoughts were a little bit surprising.

Brad Paisley made the joke along with his 2015 CMA Awards cohost, Carrie Underwood. In their opening monologue for the show, the two joked about the Ashley Madison hack and the subsequent revelation that Josh had cheated on his wife.

"Carrie, have you heard that duet Blake did with Ashley Madison?" Paisley sang. Underwood answered, "No, no, that was Ashley Monroe.”

Paisley then launched into song, saying, "Have I been going to the wrong site? We don't have to be lonely at and your sister, tooooo. Your cheating side will tell on you... Josh Duggar."

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King filmed the whole exchange and posted the clip to his Instagram, captioning it, “@bradpaisley you are the man !!! #bestthingever #cmt #cmtawards.” The post has since been deleted.

In such a close-knit family, it’s a little surprising that one Duggar would speak out so publicly against another. Then again, King isn’t the first family member to make it well-known that Josh messed up big time when he confessed to cheating on his wife after leaked information from Ashley Madison showed he had held multiple accounts. At the same time, he admitted to an addiction to pornography and called himself “the biggest hypocrite ever.”

Josh is currently in a long-term rehab center for his second stint in treatment. He didn’t attend Amy and King’s wedding, but his estranged wife, Anna, did.

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