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CMAs 2015: Was William Shatner completely wasted on stage? (VIDEO)

Nobody ever imagined they’d see Captain Kirk in a Star Wars costume, but all bets were apparently off tonight when a red-eyed William Shatner took to the CMAs stage dressed as a Stormtrooper. Did a little liquid courage perhaps fuel his appearance?

The Country Music Awards began with a faux Star Wars-gone-wrong skit featuring cohosts Carrie Underwood as Princess Leia and Brad Paisley as Han Solo. The sketch had us scratching our heads, but apparently William Shatner not only got it, he got into it… like, way into it.

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Just as Paisley and Underwood seemed to be wrapping up their opening remarks, a lone Imperial Stormtrooper staggered out of the curtains. The joke seemed to be that nobody had informed Shatner that the Star Wars number had been cut, but Shatner’s bleary eyes and off-balance stance had more than a few people wondering if Shatner had had a few too many.

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Of course, others hypothesized alcohol may have been the only reason the Star Trek captain would ever consider donning a Star Wars costume in the first place.

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We have to admit he seemed a little unsteady. His rendition of “Girl Crush” was super weird and he got bleeped while chastising Sam Hunt for “stealing” his speaking style. Paisley and Underwood were complimenting the country singer’s talk-sing style, which Shatner dubbed “Shatting”… a word that already has scatological meaning and is anything but flattering.

So, while the “drunk Shatner” speculation hasn’t been confirmed, we think this Twitter user said it best:

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Image: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

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