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Arrow‘s Constantine didn’t just save Sara — he saved the show

Fans of Arrow were given a special treat in the latest episode, when Constantine showed up and did more than just save Sara’s soul.

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The dreaded flashbacks

While they served their purpose well in the first couple of seasons, the flashbacks have really been dragging Arrow down recently. Thankfully, the flashback wig is gone (shivers), but the stories within them are still as nonsensical as always — that is, until the star of NBC’s short-lived Constantine came along.

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I’ll admit that I never saw the other series, but I liked this Constantine fellow right off the bat. He took the usually boring flashbacks to a different level and it was a brilliant way to introduce him to the Arrow universe. Seeing Constantine back on the island with Oliver let us know that their friendship went back a fair bit and didn’t start during Oliver’s time as a superhero. Although, Oliver was still in the saving business back then, as he proved when he saved Constantine and thereby earned the favor that saved another character — and another dying part of the series.

Arrow "Haunted" - Constantine
Image: The CW

Saving Sara’s soul

The fandom seems to be mostly split when it comes to Sara as an overall character. Some people liked her as the Black Canary and some people were perfectly happy when she died and her sister, Laurel, took over the role. One thing nearly everyone can agree on, though, is how awful the idea was to bring her back to life. I had to roll my eyes and groan when Laurel and Thea hatched their ridiculous plan to drop her in the Lazarus Pit, and the plan never got any better — even after they managed to pull it off. Sara going crazy and running around Star City in tight, black pants and a corset — seriously, where the heck did she get a corset? — was so insane it was downright comical.

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But then Constantine came to the party and suddenly the Sara story line wasn’t nearly so bad. With his gruff voice, fantastic hair and mystical lighter, Constantine took the story from groan-worthy to nearly bearable. Back on the island, Constantine introduced Oliver to the idea of magic, and it was a bit of that magic that brought Sara’s soul back.

Magic and supernatural elements have certainly been used on the show before, but seeing them emanating from a character like Constantine made them feel more grounded somehow. Let’s also not forget that Constantine was the one who gave Oliver that tattoo on his stomach (and we thank you, sir, for also giving us another glimpse of Ollie’s glorious abs), which is bound to be a meaningful part of a future episode. Between that and Oliver’s promises to be there any time or any place should Constantine need him, I’m certain we’ll see him again. Considering he made this episode my favorite of the season so far, I know I’m excited to see that happen.

What did you think of Constantine saving the day on Arrow?

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