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Supernatural: Is Amara really The Darkness?

In first seeing the promo for Wednesday’s Supernatural, it seemed like it would heavily revolve around Lizzie Borden. It did at first, but then it quickly turned into Amara taking the souls of humans. Unlike when she’s sucking demons’ souls, humans are left without any emotions whatsoever. If you think about it, it’s all very eerie and makes Amara one of the scariest evils Sam and Dean have ever faced.

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Throughout “Thin Lizzie,” Sam and Dean realized that Amara is stealing souls, which in turn transforms humans into emotionless beings who feel nothing, care about no one and are selfish individuals who do whatever they want without caring about the consequences. Can you imagine a type of world where you or anyone else didn’t feel anything? Can you imagine never wanting to eat, waking up without a care in the world, never loving someone or something, or never feeling sadness or pain ever again? The latter might be more appealing, because pain and sadness are two things that many wish they could never feel, but having no soul is actually quite frightening. Now, imagine an entire world where no one has a soul.

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After discovering the true killer in Episode 5 — Sydney — she said to Sam and Dean, “The Darkness is coming. It’s so peaceful. It’s coming for all of us.” That isn’t the first time someone has said, “The Darkness is coming,” which makes me think that Amara is slowly bringing The Darkness to the world by taking souls. So far, fans and the Winchesters have assumed that Amara = The Darkness. Even Dean said, “I think Amara is The Darkness.” However, what if that isn’t the case at all? Based on Wednesday’s epiosde, many more clues were dropped about Amara, which leads me to believe that she might not be The Darkness itself, but rather just creating it and bringing overall darkness to the world.

I mean, if Amara is The Darkness, wouldn’t people be saying, “The Darkness is here”? Granted, there’s a good chance Amara is just gaining more strength and powers as time goes on, which means The Darkness is on its way.

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However, the two characters featured in “Thin Lizzie” who had their souls taken by Amara said some things that might support my theory. For example, Len, the Lizzie Borden enthusiast, described being soulless as a darkness inside of him that can’t be stopped. He even said it felt like a “bubble rising up” and like something was hatching inside of him “dark with wings.” If that isn’t bad enough, Sydney said that being with Amara and having no soul was “bliss.” She no longer felt sadness, no longer had memories, all of her pain disappeared and she felt like light was inside of her setting her free.

Would the world be a better place if no one could feel? Maybe that’s what Amara is hoping for. If you recall a previous episode, the one where Amara and Uncle Crowley bonded, Amara is confused by good and evil, so maybe she just wants everyone to be neutral and emotionless?

Amara and Dean
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Overall, it seems like by sucking souls and taking the emotion out of everything, that’s what The Darkness is. I mean, it would be a pretty dark world without feelings.

The Darkness just might be a world without souls, feelings and emotions. How scary is that?

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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