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Lamar Odom has reportedly turned against Khloé Kardashian

Lamar Odom has reportedly told Khloé Kardashian to stay away from his bedside for a while after his inner circle said some unsavory things about his ex.

Despite calling off their divorce while Odom recovers from a drug overdose that nearly killed him, the couple is definitely not back together — and Kardashian is still dating boyfriend and Houston Rockets player James Harden. It might all be too much for Odom, who, according to Us Weekly, kicked Kardashian out of the hospital.

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The problems supposedly started when word reached Odom that Kardashian was controlling visitors, allowing not even his father to see him, paid paparazzi to photograph the Kardashian clan coming and going from the hospital in Las Vegas, asked his family members to sign confidentiality agreements and even tried to get him to agree to feature his medical emergency on the next season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

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“Lamar said he needed space and wanted to be alone,” a source told Us Weekly. “He told her to get out.”

Of course, all of the other accusations aside, Odom has a very troubled relationship with his father. It is no surprise that the Kardashians don’t want him around after he trashed them in the wake of Odom’s divorce, leaving Odom to defend his inlaws on Twitter.

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But a source close to Kardashian denied any of this is going on. While she did leave Odom’s bedside to spend some time with Harden in Texas and caught a few Houston Rockets games, she returned straight to Odom’s side afterwards and is “focused on making sure Lamar is stabilized,” the source said.

Kardashian has not commented on the latest rumors.

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