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Kim Kardashian busted posting photoshopped pics — again (PHOTO)

Ladies and gentleman, I have a shocking announcement: Kim Kardashian sometimes photoshops her social media posts.

I’ll give you a minute to pick yourself up off the floor.

The photo coming under fire is a cute snap of Kardashian with husband Kanye West, taken at Kendall Jenner’s birthday bash. The black-and-white photo shows Kardashian turned toward West, kissing him on the cheek, while West looks at the camera, and it looks flawless.

Except to Kardashian, it wasn’t.

The changes made to the photo are so minor they raise the question, “Why were they made at all?”

Kardashian had her hair smoothed under her ponytail, and her neck was ever so slightly slimmed down.

Kim Photoshop fail

See the difference? Minuscule. Not even worth the time it took to make the changes, and it doesn’t alter the aesthetic quality of the image at all. It should be a cute moment caught at a party, but is ruined by the fact that the only thing Kardashian apparently saw were flaws that needed editing.

And that, my friends, is just extremely sad.

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This is hardly the first time Kardashian has been busted for altering her social media posts.

Remember that wavy door from back in the day when she still hung out with Blac Chyna?

Or better yet, her missing limb in this particular gem:

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But this brings up a more troubling issue: the fact that she couldn’t see the intrinsic value of the image. This seems to be a trend with folks these days, and not just celebs. Just recently, I had two different people tell me, “I look so fat,” or “God, I look old,” in photos that I thought we amazing images of those two individuals. They saw nothing but flaws with themselves. They didn’t see a loving moment in an engagement photo or a happy memory with family; they saw something wrong.

Is this what we have become? Can we not stop and appreciate a good memory captured in an image without having to smooth our hair before posting it, presenting a false, manufactured memory?

Listen to me when I tell you: No one else notices those extra pounds or those wrinkles. People do, however, notice your beaming smile or tender embrace, or, as here, a sweet kiss on the cheek. They see the image for its real value: the memory it holds.

You should try to see that, too.

Let this be a lesson: Look at what the image holds, the memory captured and remember why the photo was snapped, not the fact that you might need to lose a few pounds or you’ve got wrinkles on your face. After hearing Instagram model Essena O’Neill rail against social media for being fake, let’s try to take these instances as a wake-up call to start to living authentic, memorable lives, not those we’ve altered for “likes” on Instagram.

There was no reason for Kardashian to photoshop this image. It’s not the cover of a magazine or an endorsement post, and does nothing but continue to be part of the problem of perpetuating a false perfect life.

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