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Suits: 8 Questions fans need answered in Season 5B

Gather ’round, Suits fans, because USA Network has just announced the return date for the popular legal drama. Mike Ross and Harvey Specter will once again appear on small screens come Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016, at 10/9c. Seeing as the first half of Season 5 concluded in August, I’m sure fans are ready for the series to resume.

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There’s no doubt the midseason finale left viewers gasping for air. Not only did Mike get arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud, but Harvey resigned from Pearson Specter Litt. What’s going to happen now? Despite having to wait until January, thank goodness Suits‘ return isn’t too far away. With that said, here’s hoping these eight questions get answered in Season 5B, because I, for one, need to know what’s going to happen, stat.

1. Who turned Mike in?

Seriously, who turned Mike in? You might recall that Mike confessed everything to his childhood priest, and then soon after Mike was being put in handcuffs. It doesn’t seem likely that the priest could’ve or would’ve turned in Mike, especially since there are rules when it comes to confession, but who knows? There’s also Mike’s old friend, Trevor, who knows Mike is pretending to be a lawyer. The two haven’t had the best track record, but at this point, it could be anyone that turned Mike in.

2. Will Mike go to jail?

I don’t really think there would be a show if Mike were sitting in jail, but Suits does like to produce all kinds of twists and turns. If he does end up serving time, maybe it will only be for a short while, until Harvey comes to his rescue.

3. Will everyone else be in trouble?

Seeing as Jessica, Harvey, Rachel, Donna and Louis all know Mike’s big secret, they could easily be in legal jeopardy. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that they all walk away scot-free.

4. How will Harvey and everyone try to save Mike?

They always seem to be able to fight any legal battle, but with this one, Harvey, and everyone else, is probably going to have to pull out all the stops. Let’s hope Harvey has something up his sleeve.

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5. Will we meet Donna’s new love interest?

Donna mentioned to Harvey that she is seeing someone named Mitchell, so I’m sure both fans and Harvey would like to meet this mysterious love interest.

6. Will Donna and Harvey finally get together already?

Throughout the first half of Season 5, Harvey really worked on improving himself by seeing a therapist. I can only imagine that would strengthen his relationship even more with Donna and eventually see these two take things to the next level. Come on, this needs to happen already.

7. Will Mike and Rachel get married?

If Mike does end up in jail, Rachel isn’t going to get that wedding she wants. If he doesn’t end up behind bars, will they still tie the knot? I think they will eventually, but there’s a good chance Rachel might rethink (again) marrying someone who’s faced jail time, faked being a lawyer and caused a lot of damage.

8. Will Harvey return to Pearson Specter Litt?

Most important, will Harvey rescind his resignation? During the midseason finale, Harvey resigned from the firm as part of a deal with Charles Forstman, so he could stop Daniel Hardman from taking over Pearson Specter Litt. Now that Mike is in major legal trouble, Harvey is going to do anything he can as a lawyer to make things right — even if that means going against his deal with Forstman and rejoining the firm.

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