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Kim Zolciak gives terrifying details about what her ministroke felt like

Kim Zolciak had a health scare in September when she suffered a ministroke, and what happened was even scarier than we thought.

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Zolciak has been sharing health updates with fans — including multiple hospital bed selfies — but she’s now shedding even more light on what exactly went down.

“I bent down to hug my son KJ and all of a sudden my left hand went numb,” Zolciak told People magazine for its latest issue. And the pain only got worse from then on. “It was like a million ants were crawling over my body,” she said.

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Zolciak then went on to detail what happened to her face when she was experiencing the ministroke — and it sounds terrifying.

“I’m always joking around with my kids,” Zolciak explained, “I do these Jim Carrey impersonations with my face and my daughter Brielle thought I was doing that! She said, ‘Mom, cut it out, you’re not funny.'”

Luckily, Zolciak managed to grab her teenage daughter’s arm, and she quickly released that all was not well.

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“I kept telling myself, ‘You’re fine, you’re fine. It’s going to be over in a minute, just hold on,'” she recalled.

While she wasn’t fine, and she was having a stroke, Zolciak is now on her way to better health, and it turns out that her health problem was a blessing in disguise because it resulted in doctors uncovering a hole in her heart.

Scary! We’re glad to hear Zolciak is on the mend now, though, and she’s been spending time with those she really cares about.

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