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How well do you know Marvel Comics and all the characters? (QUIZ)


Marvel Comics! When I first met my husband and realized he loved spending Saturday mornings watching cartoons as much as I did, I knew we were a perfect match. If you checked our DVR at any given time, you would see a list of Marvel-Comics-based cartoons, movies and documentaries — all of it! We love all things Marvel, and we have definitely passed our love of superheroes on to our kids. For us, Marvel Comics has become a part of our family.

Every movie, cartoon and DVD release become a new source for family car rides, trivia nights and more. From my husband and his knowledge of all things original to the Marvel Comics stories, my 18-year-old who knows every character move for the video games, my 8-year-old who can seriously give the back story to nearly any character, my 6-year-old who can tell you what costume each hero wears to my 4-year-old who likes to think he knows everything about every character, including their villain counterpart and strongest power. I seem to fall somewhere in the middle of the rest of my family… I love the trivia of it all and finding out why this hero is who they are and how they got there.

Let’s see how well you know Marvel Comics. Are you a history pro like my hubby? A character expert like my kiddos, or do you see yourself as the Marvel fan who knows a bit about it all?

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