EXCLUSIVE: LWLA's Briana Renee gets real about the surprise guest at the reunion

Nov 4, 2015 at 9:28 a.m. ET
Image: Lifetime

On tonight's Little Women: LA Reunion, Part 2, there will be fireworks, accusations, shocking revelations and, of course, lots of eye rolling.

When the first part of the reunion ended, things were starting to get a bit nasty when the woman Matt sent naked photos to shows up to confront him and share everything. Could the drama be any more intense?

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The one person you might feel sorry for in this situation is LWLA star Briana Renee. No one wants the woman who her husband sent pictures to of his penis to come on national TV and tell all the details about the situation. That definitely has the possibility of becoming awkward and embarrassing! We got a chance to ask Briana a few questions about the situation because we were curious and figured the rest of the fans out there would be, too!

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SheKnows: Did you know the woman was coming on the show?

Briana Renee: I had no idea she would be on the show, but she did say she'd take the photos to anyone who would listen and become famous for it.

SK: Did you hear, see or learn anything from the woman at the reunion that you didn't already know?

BR: I had already seen all photos and the full conversation, at the time this incident came to my attention. Nothing was new or a surprise.

SK: Did what the woman have to say cause any new doubts or questions in your head?

BR: I have no new doubts or questions at all. Everything was handled immediately — almost 10 months ago. Matt and I have since gotten married, moved in together and are only growing stronger every day!

SK: What are the current status and future of your relationship?

BR: Matt and I couldn't be happier. We are crazy in love and have the perfect family, which we hope to add onto someday!

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What do you think of what Briana has to say regarding the surprise guest at the LWLA Reunion and her relationship with Matt? Do you think it is time everyone back off and just let her live her own life and be happy? Tune in to Part 2 of the Little Women: LA Reunion tonight on Lifetime, at 9/8c.