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Brooks Ayers slams claims he was abusive toward ex Vicki Gunvalson

There’s been a lot of chatter about The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Brooks Ayers recently, and during a recent interview, he opened up about those awful abuse allegations against him (made by Briana Culberson during the reunion show).

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I’ve never shaken Vicki [Gunvalson] where her head was going back and forth like that. We were at a party, at a mutual friend’s house — none of the castmembers [were there] and years ago,” he told E! News‘ Melanie Bromley.

“Again, I haven’t seen Briana in three and a half years so this is years ago. If it was that exaggerated, don’t you think she would have used her platform to share that then as well? She doesn’t and she did now and it makes me sad. I’ve never had a domestic abuse accusation or file against me,” he continued.

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Ayers then elaborated on the heated argument he and former girlfriend, Gunvalson, got into that day. He said, “Vicki recalled those events that day as well and we did get into an argument. I did grab her shoulders and ask her to come outside. That’s not shaking her. I just said let’s go outside and talk about our disagreement and that’s what occurred.”

Ayers has found himself defending a lot of allegations against him recently — including the claim that he faked his cancer diagnosis — but he has been setting the record straight this week. In fact, Gunvalson even previously admitted during a reunion show that Ayers had never been physically abusive with her — although Tamra Judge and Culberson insisted that he was.

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Culberson also claimed that Ayers was being “verbally abusive” with his text messages to Gunvalson ahead of the reunion show, but he told E! News that there were “no threatening things.”

Adding, “[It was] more Vicki wanting to know about certain details about what Andy had asked me in the interview and I was communicating that through her. There was no threatening. Again, this is over the top sensationalism drama.”

Do you believe Brooks Ayers? Are you Team Brooks or Team Vicki? Let us know your thoughts on the former couple’s drama in the comments below.

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