6 Reasons to watch Christina Milian Turned Up every week

Nov 4, 2015 at 12:57 a.m. ET
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The second season of Christina Milian Turned Up premiered on Tuesday — and it promises fans many ups and downs. Here are some reasons you should be tuning in every week.

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1. Violet

Christina Milian's daughter Violet's existence is enough reason to watch the show, so we wouldn't blame you if you were tuning in just for her. Violet's 5 years old now, and she even has her own Instagram account (run by her mom). We suspect Violet will have a lot to say about everything that happens this season and we're excited to see her and Christina in action.

2. Christina and Carmen

It's no secret that Christina and her mom have had some serious challenges in not only their relationship as mother and daughter, but also as client and manager. In the season premiere, Christina and Carmen had a fight that resulted in Christina deciding to fire her "momager." This can't bode well for things between them for the rest of the season, but the show's fans supported Christina in her decision to take a chance on a new manager and go in a new creative direction.

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3. Danielle and Rich

Christina's sister and her husband are going through some crazy-intense stuff right now, dealing with the possibility that terminating Danielle's pregnancy might be the best thing to do after learning their baby has a life-threatening birth defect. Danielle and Rich have always been a strong couple and we're looking forward to seeing them support one another through whatever comes.

4. Lizzy and Dom

Lizzy brought her new boyfriend, the incredibly attractive (and French!) Dom, to dinner with her family. The two proceeded to do some low-grade making out at the table in front of everyone, and there was also French food and... tension. Carmen made it clear that she was interested in Dom's intentions towards Lizzy, which made for awkward dinner conversation. Meeting Lizzy's family is a huge step, and Dom and Lizzy seem really into each other. Is this going to work out?

5. Christina and her awesomeness

This week, Christina debuted her new video and, as we mentioned above, decided to move forward with new management. In an interview with Fashion & Style, she described this season of Turned Up as "wild, passionate, authentic," and promised fans of the show even more musical projects, as well as letting us in on great times with her family. We can't wait to watch her conquer the world!

6. Seriously powerful women

One of the best things about watching Turned Up is seeing the relationships between Christina, her sister and her mom. Although things can be rocky at times, their commitment to one another's success and happiness is the most important thing — and it's great to witness women being there for each other.

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What are you excited about in this season of Turned Up? Tell us in the comments!