Scream Queens: Is Gigi related to a Red Devil?

Nov 3, 2015 at 10:55 p.m. ET
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Gigi and the work of the Red Devils is getting more suspicious by the minute. During Tuesday's episode, when Dean Munsch wasn't busy framing her ex-husband's mistress for his murder and dismemberment, Gigi was making secret phone calls to who I assume is one of the killers. Actually, something she said to him/her made it seem like Gigi might be related to a Red Devil.

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So, here's how the phone call went down. While cooking dinner for her boyfriend, Wes (aka Grace's father), Gigi had a heated conversation with a mysterious someone on the other end. After answering, she said, "I used to know and love someone by that name." Then, as previously mentioned in the episode that tied Gigi to the Red Devils, she reiterated, "I told you to get rid of him." Is she talking about Wes?

The phone call didn't stop there, but kept on getting juicier. She called herself and her killers "murderers" who are "hell-bent on getting revenge." Actually, Gigi specifically referred to their killing spree as a "years-in-the-making revenge plan." Finally, she ended the phone chat by asking forcefully, "Now will you please go kill some people?"


Despite most of the episode focusing on Dean Munsch and new character Feather McCarthy, aka the student who slept with Dean Munsch's ex-husband and who Dean Munsch framed for the murder of her ex-husband, this short scene with Gigi says a lot. For example, the fact that when she ended the call and Wes asked what it was about, Gigi replied, "Just some family drama."

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She could've easily been lying and trying to cover her tracks. However, maybe that was a hint fans shouldn't take lightly. Gigi appears to be quite passionate about getting revenge for some reason that remains unknown. It probably has something to do with the bathtub baby and the fact that Gigi is the Hag of Shady Lane. Also, to work so closely and trust individuals to carry out your plan of killing people across a college campus means you're probably super close with them, right? And that means Gigi could easily share a blood bond with one of the killers.

So far, it's been revealed that both Gigi and Boone are working with at least one of the Red Devils. Does this mean Boone is one of the killers? Does this mean Gigi and Boone are related? Maybe they're brother and sister? Pete could also be a Red Devil, because he's super shady, which means he might be Gigi's family member, too. What if the bathtub baby is actually a boy and not a girl, like previously mentioned? Maybe the bathtub baby and Gigi are working together to get revenge?

Whatever the case, Gigi and the Red Devils are out for revenge and I need more details, stat. Oh, is anyone else thinking that the painter at the mental institution probably has a painting of Gigi somewhere? After all, the painter did tell Grace and Pete, "I paint them all." Not to mention, while chatting with Grace, Gigi said, "I'm touched," and made sure to say not in her head, but in her heart.

Gigi, you sure are shady and hiding a lot of secrets.

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