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Big Freedia has a social media challenge for all roller derby players

Gurl down! We’re only two episodes away from the season finale! How you likin’ it so far, my SheKnows shakers? Having a party in your living room yet? Want to move to NOLA to live the Big Easy life yet? Ass everywhere, ass everywhere! Do it with me!

OK, so how many of ya know any German words beyond “schnitzel” and “Oktoberfest”? Here’s a test for y’all: Translate this: Rütteln sie ihre beute! Don’t worry, it’s G-rated, friends.

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Big Freedia German lessons
Image: Fuse

I may have looked a little concerned (or was it confused?) during my lesson; but actually, that was my serious concentration face. What language besides German is my “dream” language to learn? I’ve always wanted to perform in Japan or China, but the foreign language I’d love to learn one day is French, since Paris is the city of love.

Big Freedia talks music video
Image: Fuse

You just got an inside look at our creative session for my “Dangerous” video. It’s really a collaborative process between my choreographer and me more than anything. The craziest idea I have ever come up with for a video is about to come out. The video is for my track “Crazy,” my new single, and will be released any day, so be on the lookout!

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Big Freedia bowling
Image: Fuse

Nine years and counting — so bowling never gets old for “date night.” When things are tough, just get out and have a little fun. Life doesn’t have to be all drama and no play, gurl! What you didn’t see is where we went after bowling, which was our favorite club, Republic — and we had a shakedown!

Big Freedia roller derby
Image: Fuse

All right, have any of you done the roller derby? This is the real workout, girls — better than almost anything (except bounce), and I just love getting the angst out. Roller derby is hot in NOLA. We need to bring it back everywhere. Tag my Twitter @bigfreedia with a roller derby “bounce” move!

Big Freedia makeup
Image: Fuse

I loved the makeup session even more than the clothes. Seeing my girls with their “peacock” eyes — hot. But did you like my bounce-Madonna look? Maybe I should tweet that out to her. You may be wondering what role I was playing with that wicked blond pony on my head. Wait until you see some of my get-ups at some upcoming shows. They be poppin’. Coming soon…

Big Freedia wardrobe malfunction
Image: Fuse

Sorry for the “wardrobe malfunction” with my dancer. Gives new meaning to one of my favorite slangs: “Release your wiggle.” And here’s some more Freedia slang you’re free to pick up with your girlfriends: “I’m that queen that’ll make you bounce,” “Yaka, yaka, yaka,” “You already know!” “Go Duffy!” and “Shake your rump-a-dump.” Having fun yet?

Big Freedia at doctor
Image: Fuse

Stay tuned to see what I decide on my shoulder injury. Those tears were real. What would you do? Hang with me to find out what the tough decision is.

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