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Bindi Irwin’s DWTS celebration creates a gassy mystery (VIDEO)

Bindi Irwin gave a stellar performance on DWTS last night, but an odd moment after the elimination announcement is causing fans to question exactly what she had for dinner.

Irwin was busy celebrating her and Derek Hough’s safety during the elimination round of Dancing with the Stars Monday night when a strange noise interrupted their hug.

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The sound was practically like someone sat on a whoopee cushion, and while it was probably caused by the pair’s microphones rubbing on each other’s clothes while they shouted their congrats to each other, the Internet quickly came up with an alternate theory — a far more gaseous one.

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And on Instagram, in between all the accolades of how incredible her performance was (and it was!) and how gorgeous she looked, user downofasystem80 got straight to the point. “Did you fart?” he wrote.

Irwin’s digestive system is not her only issue these days, or even her most important. She shared with fans that the grueling rehearsal schedule has torn up her feet so badly that they are covered in blisters, and her boyfriend has had to literally superglue her toenails back on.

My feet are really gross,” she told Us Weekly. “I felt so bad that they showed them! But they are actually superglued right now because I lost another [toenail] in dress rehearsal! I just have holes in my feet and my nails keep popping off, but if I superglue them they don’t hurt as much.

My boyfriend was the only one who saw my feet and he was the one helping me superglue them and taping them every day,” she continued. “At one point, one of my toenails fell off and it like flicked past him, and he was like, ‘Ugh! It’s a good thing I love you!’ Because it was just so gross!” she said, laughing. “I felt so bad!”

What’s a little toot compared to that?

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