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Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor dishes on major celebrity hookup (VIDEO)

Looks like Lindsay Lohan left a name off her infamous sex list.

On Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live Monday night, Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz, bad-boy stars of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, confirmed one thing we kind of already knew: Jax Taylor gets around.

A lot.

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During a segment that Cohen dubbed “Vander-Dump,” where Schwartz spilled his guts about Taylor’s hookups, we got way more than we could have bargained for when he answered all of Cohen’s rapid-fire questions pretty candidly.

Not only do we find out Taylor has hooked up with (at least) four girls in one night — barf — but we learned of one major celebrity hookup. We even found out he has had several celebrity trysts, although we only get one name.

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Cohen asked Schwartz, “Has Jax ever hooked up with a celebrity?” And Schwartz responds, “Yeah… multiple.” When Cohen prods him for a name, Schwartz sheepishly whispers, “Lindsay Lohan,” under his breath.

Taylor elaborated that it was only one time and awkwardly claims Lohan is “affectionate” in a failed attempt at playing coy.

In a Wednesday interview with HuffPost Live, Taylor elaborated even further, saying his hookup with Lohan was a “couple-hour thing” that happened around 2005. “She probably doesn’t even remember!” he added.

But what Taylor seemed most red-faced over — read: proud — was his fling with a porn star. Taylor makes a halfhearted effort to keep Schwartz from dishing the dirt on this name before Schwartz blurts out, “Bridgette B.”

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