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Jessica Simpson shares gross information about her husband (PHOTO)

Apparently, Jessica Simpson’s husband likes Christie Brinkley, like, a lot.

So much so that Simpson felt the need to share his TMI reaction with Brinkley and the rest of the social media world.

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It all started when Simpson and her husband, Eric Johnson, dressed up as the iconic characters from the 1983 film National Lampoon’s Vacation. Simpson copied Brinkley’s look from the film, sporting a man’s shirt, belted at the waist as a dress and some classic ’80s hair. Johnson took on Chevy Chase’s role in the film with a hilarious side part and some super fly red glasses.

Brinkley then saw and loved the costume so much that she reposted the pic to her own Instagram with the caption, “How cute is this? Our National Lampoon was lampooned to PERFECTION ! You guys look Hot and Hilarious !!!”

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Simpson and, apparently, Johnson were so excited by Brinkley’s response that Simpson then reposted Brinkley’s reaction, captioning her new photo with, “OMG @christiebrinkley You just made my husband cream his jeans!!! #nationallampoonsvacation.”

Um, what?

Too far, Simpson, too far.

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And fans seemed to agree.

Jessica Simpson Instagram comment
Image: Jessica Simpson/Instagram
Jessica Simpson Instagram comment
Image: Jessica Simpson/Instagram

Of course, another suggested that it was a reference to the movie and meant only in jest. While we’re sure she’s kidding, we’re also sure we don’t need to know.

Either way, we can definitely conclude that Johnson and Simpson clearly had a Happy Halloween.

What do you think of Simpson’s TMI response to Brinkley?

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