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Après Ski: Everything you need to know about the cast

Because the world is woefully understocked with trashy, addicting reality TV shows, Bravo recently introduced the new series Après Ski, which debuted on Monday night after Vanderpump Rules.

Kind of like Below Deck in a cold climate, Après Ski centers on the staff of a super fancy ski resort in Whistler, British Columbia. Regardless of how ridiculous or degrading, no rich person’s request is too tall for these folks. And, yes, there’s plenty of drama behind the scenes in the process.

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If you didn’t catch Après Ski Monday night, chances are you will. Because, who are we kidding, practically anything on Bravo is impossible to resist. And since you’ll watch the show once at the very least, whaddya say we get to know the cast? Great!

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Here’s everything you need to know about the Après Ski cast.

1. Joey Gibbons

joey gibbons
Image: Bravo

Gibbons is the CEO of Gibbons Whistler — that means he’s the head honcho on Après Ski. As a businessman, Gibbons, once a competitor on the Canadian National Alpine Ski Team, has his hand in all sorts of ventures, including bars, festivals and events, a craft brewery and most recently, Gibbons Life, a travel initiative. Gibbons is married and has four kids.

2. Elise Wims

No stranger to reality TV, Wims appeared on NBC’s Food Fighters in 2014. She’s a professionally trained chef, fitness fanatic and single mom. At Gibbons Life, Wims is the operations manager, which means she basically needs to deal with all of the wants and needs of their demanding, high-maintenance clients. Seems like she’ll handle things just fine.

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3. Bobby Crowder

Bobby Crowder is a VIP concierge at Gibbons Life, and he describes himself as a “work hard, play hard” kind of guy. An Alberta native, Crowder is always out for a good time and has over a decade of experience in the entertainment and nightlife industry. From the looks of his Instagram account, dude is serious about his fun.

4. Lynsey Dyer

Hailing from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Dyer is a professional extreme skier. After winning the National Freeski tour, Dyer was voted Skier of the Year by Powder Magazine and Freeskier Magazine. After noticing that women were rarely featured in sports films, she decided to make her own movie, Pretty Faces, which aimed to offer young girls positive role models. Dyer also is an accomplished photographer and graphic designer. Her work has appeared in National Geographic and on Quiksilver products. She was brought onto the Gibbons Life team to take clients out on the slopes and blow their minds. Dyer has a passion for helping people overcome their fears.

5. Charlotte Fenton

Fenton is best friends with Crowder and when he got the job at Gibbons Life, she decided to put her career in interior design on hold to join her buddy. Currently she’s an assistant at the company, and she has a passion for music festivals, dancing and cooking.

6. Kendra Larkin

Like Crowder, Larkin is a VIP concierge at Gibbons Life, and she has a seriously impressive résumé. She attended New York University and has produced runway shows during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City. She speaks four languages, and has impeccable event production skills.

7. Tamara Moore

Moore is often described as Gibbons’ right-hand woman. She was recruited by Gibbons to be the CEO of Gibbons Life. She’s a luxury lifestyle expert and owns Ascent Behave, a boutique sales, marketing and PR agency that represents upscale lifestyle brands, destinations and people. She has a son named Shane, and is passionate about women’s and children’s issues.

8. Jim Sced

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Sced, also a VIP concierge, has had a lifelong passion for the outdoors and adventure. A businessman himself, he’s currently launching a new company in the tech space. He also has his private pilot’s license and a 15 gross tonnage marine operations certificate.

Did you watch Après Ski? What did you think?

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