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Ladies of London: The 8 most dramatic moments of Season 2

It’s hard to believe, but this season of Ladies of London is about to be over — and it’s been a doozy. We’ve picked the seven most dramatic moments of Season 2 (so far) to tide you over until next week’s finale.

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juliet and annabelle
Image: Bravo

1. The non-Thanksgiving

Season 2 began with an unpleasant standoff between Marissa and Juliet about who would be hosting Thanksgiving, where and why. Juliet cajoled Caroline Stanbury into hosting Thanksgiving/Juliet’s birthday dinner at her house, which led to Marissa excluding Juliet from a family sing-along at Royal Albert Hall. There was various mudslinging and ousting, until the two finally committed to sitting down together for an ill-fated tea. The moment of truth came when Juliet asked Marissa if she thought their friendship had petered out. She thought it was good that they cleared the air, regardless of “whether it’s BFF or F” now, to which Marissa replied, “F.” Ugh. Tell us how you really feel, Marissa.

2. When Caroline Stanbury implied that Julie was a terrible yoga instructor

Well, sort of. At Juliet’s New Year’s Eve party, Caroline Fleming and Julie were doing headstands (as you do when you’re a baroness and a viscountess at a social gathering), and it was Fleming who stayed up longer. When Caroline Stanbury said she was surprised, since Julie’s the yoga instructor, Julie burst into tears and spent some quality time wailing to Annabelle about how sensitive she is and how important yoga is to her. Later, Caroline Stanbury apologized, but then she took it back.

Caroline unicorn humping
Image: Bravo

3. “Hump-gate”

What happens when you combine alcohol, allegedly well-mannered ladies, animal onesies and more alcohol? Caroline Stanbury (clad in a unicorn onesie) standing above Juliet’s husband, making, um, thrusting motions. Juliet freaked out, prompting fans to take sides. Was Caroline’s behavior totally uncalled for? Did Juliet just need to calm down? Was the whole thing hilarious? (Yes.) 

4. The “cougar” Incident

When Marissa learned that Caroline Fleming’s boyfriend is considerably younger than she is, she proceeded down an ugly path, which culminated in her taking advantage of the fact that Caroline wore a bowling shirt with “Cougar” on the back of it. Among Marissa’s classy comments were “Lock up your children!” and making reference to little boys. Ew.

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5. The apology — round 1

The ladies headed to the country for a pheasant-shooting adventure, while the tension between Marissa and Caroline Fleming was still fresh. At a fancy dinner, everyone urged Marissa to fix the situation, and she and Caroline sat down for an awkward, unpleasant, stilted apology, which involved some hand-holding and Caroline telling Marissa that it wasn’t even about the cougar comment (and the other gross things she said), but it was the fact that Marissa had said mean things about her boyfriend to her sister. The two agreed to put it behind them, but you could tell that the whole thing wasn’t over.

6. The apology — round 2

Marissa and Caroline Fleming met in a cafe to chat — and things went south quickly. Marissa was clearly caught off-guard, thinking everything was over and done with, but Caroline was cold and abrupt and made it clear that she wasn’t ready to let it go.

7. When in Denmark, Annabelle is a jerk

Caroline Fleming decided to take the ladies to Denmark for what she hoped would be a relaxing weekend, but viewers knew better because we watch television. When Julie wasn’t interested in going to the furrier with the rest of the group and opted to go to a coffee shop instead, Annabelle assailed her for being rude. It was startling for fans to see her lash out at Julie, because they’d been so tight for the entire season so far and Annabelle had spent time encouraging Julie to stand up for herself.

8. The worst dinner

Caroline Fleming wanted to clear the air at the start of the Denmark trip, so she asked the ladies to say what was on their minds about each other before the beginning of a lovely dinner. Annabelle took her up on it and proceeded to take each woman to task in regard to the things about them that are… challenging. It was incredibly tense and weird, out of character for Annabelle and an open door for Caroline Stanbury to say what she’d been thinking about Annabelle for a long time.

Image: Bravo

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What do you think were the most dramatic moments this season? What do you think is in store for fans in the season finale?

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