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Vanderpump Rules: 7 Reasons why James and Kristen’s relationship is a disaster

The Season 4 premiere of Vanderpump Rules definitely didn’t disappoint with the drama, and fans can thank Kristen and James for that. Whenever it comes to relationships at SUR, well, they’re usually a bit dysfunctional, messy and bound for splitsville. Enter the disaster of a relationship that is Kristen and James.

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In September, it was announced that Kristen and James broke up — finally. Not only did this excite fans, because it promised more drama for Season 4, but it also meant (hopefully) there would be no more fighting and ridiculous arguments between the two. When a relationship is absolutely draining for someone who isn’t even experiencing it firsthand (the viewers), then you know that’s when a couple needs to part ways.

So far, that’s not the case, because Monday night’s premiere started off with a bang. Not even a full 10 minutes into the episode and Kristen was already causing trouble because of a silly text exchange between Jax and Carmen, thanks to James informing Jax about his ex-girlfriend kissing someone else. Obviously, that was enough cause for Kristen to start drama and show up at SUR in person to do so. From that moment on, Kristen and James were taking jabs at one another. Yes, it’s as tiring and as ridiculous as it sounds.

Soon enough, they’re going to break up, which means less fighting, right? Let’s be real: This is Vanderpump Rules, and when it involves Kristen’s relationship ending, well, that’s not going to be swept under the rug quietly.

Kristen Doute
Image: Tumblr

With that said, let’s talk about how the Season 4 premiere provided so many reasons as to why Kristen and James’ relationship is a disaster and why their break up is a good thing.

1. They argue over everything

Granted, arguing comes with every relationship, but when you’re fighting about every little thing that happens on a daily basis, that’s not healthy. I mean, to start a huge argument about a text message is beyond ridiculous. If you want to make a relationship work, you need to choose your battles or at least try and have a civil conversation about whatever it is you’re upset about.

2. They call each other names

Not only did Kristen refer to James as “Jekyll and Hyde,” but they’re constantly picking at each other and talking about one another behind one another’s backs. What kind of a relationship is that? Hint: Not a good one.

3. James loves his career more

James admitted that if Kristen didn’t stop showing up during his shifts, especially when he is DJing, he would end things. He said, “Girls come and go, but dreams are with you forever.” I can’t blame him for wanting to succeed in his career aspirations, because who doesn’t? Plus, anyone in a relationship wants support from their partner when it comes to their dreams. However, if you’re at the point where you’d rather choose your career over your significant other, that is a major warning sign.

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4. Kristen wants to take it “day by day”

Relationships need work and it’s OK to do whatever it takes to make them succeed. But Kristen telling James she wants to take things “day by day” proves they are not at a good point in their relationship. Heck, even Kristen admitted things have been rocky between the two.

5. James drinks because of Kristen

At the end of the episode, James got super wasted. That wasn’t the worst part: He admitted that Kristen drives him to drink and makes him feel unwanted. Again, super unhealthy.

6. Kristen acts like James’ mother

As soon as Kristen walked (uninvited) into Scheana’s 30th birthday party, she immediately started grilling James about how much he’d had to drink. It’s OK to watch out for your partner and ensure they’re making good decisions, but acting like someone’s “mother,” as Kristen put it, isn’t going to make the relationship any better.

7. They cause tension with everybody else

Whenever and no matter where they’re together, James and Kristen cause so much tension with everybody else, thanks to their bickering. Your friends or whoever you’re hanging out with shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable just because you’re unhappy.

Well, I guess it’s a good thing Kristen has her T-shirt line.

Kristen Doute
Image: Tumblr

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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