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On Sister Wives, Robyn and Kody will reveal the sex of their new baby

On Sunday’s new episode of Sister Wives, the Browns are in store for yet another announcement in a season that’s already been full of surprises.

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browns in arizona
Image: TLC

If you’re counting, and if you watch Sister Wives on a regular basis, you know that the total amount of children in the Brown family currently stands at 17. The family will grow by one on Jan. 7, 2016, when, if all goes according to plan, Robyn will give birth to her second child with Kody. On the show’s Nov. 6 episode, Kody and Robyn will reveal the sex of their baby to the family.

For a kid who hasn’t been born yet, there’s a lot riding on the latest Brown. Right now, ladies in the Brown family outnumber the men: Meri and Kody have one daughter, Christine and Kody have five daughters and one son and Janelle and Kody have two daughters and four sons. This season, Kody adopted Robyn’s two daughters and her son, and Robyn and Kody have one son together. In the not-so-recent past, Kody has confessed that he finds it easier to bond with his sons than his daughters, but at the behest of his wives, took a trip with his daughters in an attempt to get to know them better. A new daughter means Kody’s going to have to renew his commitment to being a good father to girls.

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There’s been so much drama this season already, with Meri’s divorce from Kody and the adoption of Robyn’s kids at the center of it, and with speculation that Robyn is Kody’s favorite wife, the two having a second child together can’t possibly alleviate tension. At the same time, it’s not impossible that a new baby will distract from what’s been going on and bring the family closer together. We’ll be finding out soon enough.

Robyn and Kody
Image: TLC

Do you think the new Brown baby is a boy or a girl? Will a new baby in the family alleviate tension or cause more?

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