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10 Reasons Cold Feet won’t be the same without Adam and Rachel (WATCH)

The news every Cold Feet fan has been waiting for has finally been confirmed: the much-loved ITV drama is returning for a new series next year.

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Twelve years after the final episode aired in 2003, cast member Fay Ripley (Jenny) has revealed that a Cold Feet comeback is in the works. Well yes, I think we’re off and away, I think I can say that!” the 49-year-old told the Mirror.

Ripley’s co-stars John Thomson (who played her husband Pete), James Nesbitt (Adam), Hermione Norris (Karen) and Robert Bathurst (David) are expected to return but one actor who won’t be back is Helen Baxendale, whose character Rachel died in a road accident in the final series.

And that, sadly, is where the main problem lies. All three couples were amazing but it was really all about one pairing in particular.

Here are 10 reasons Cold Feet in 2016 — no matter how good it is — just won’t be the same without Adam and Rachel.

1. They are proof that you really can bump into “the one” at the supermarket — literally

2. Their first date wasn’t perfect, so we could all relate

3. Their relationship inspired endless bright ideas from Adam, such as the cloning of wardrobes

4. They would do anything for love

Especially Adam. Sticking a rose between your butt cheeks has to be the ultimate declaration of love.

5. They were the Ross and Rachel of U.K. drama

On again, off again… Adam and Rachel’s love story was nothing if not dramatic and her departure on a train at the end of Series 1 had us all sobbing.

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6. Adversity made them stronger

Oh, and giant testicles.

7. They showed that even “meant-to-be” couples get things wrong sometimes

Such as Rachel’s “albatross” engagement ring.

8. They proved that the path to parenthood isn’t always smooth

9. And that talking about wind is always embarrassing

10. When Rachel died 10.4 million of us cried along with Adam

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