Solange Knowles shuts down hateful comments about her young son (PHOTO)

Solange Knowles turns a disgusting remark about her son into a chance to correct some serious ignorance.

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The proud mama posted a picture of her son, Julez, dressed up as a young LL Cool J for Halloween. And while most of the comments praised the photo, Knowles couldn’t let one hater’s comments go without reprimand.

“So cute but at the same time he ugly,” Instagram user @alexandriaaaf wrote.

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But rather than unleash a torrent of ugliness back on this user, as she so clearly deserves, Knowles instead took the high road, encouraging the Instagrammer to stop the spread of ugliness and protect the innocence of children instead.

“@alexndriaaaf Jussst as I thought it was safe to share pictures again, a young’n like you decides to use her time to spread ugliness. I don’t fault you, I can only imagine why you would feel the need to say such things, but thanks again for being a reminder that out of all the love and wonderful energy shared, that when I open up a space for an innocent beautiful being like my boy to be criticized and judged, that I WILL most likely respond, and that he receives enough love and celebration at home that it’s just not worth it to go down this road. I hope that this really resonates with you and you make better decisions in the future towards how you use your words towards innocent children. And @ro.rxd get ya friend because this could have truly gone south if I was in the wrong mood.”

The hate also hasn’t stopped Knowles from sharing some hilarious, adorable photos of her son following this incident. Thank goodness!

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No one should miss out on this cuteness of Knowles and her son getting down together.

So precious!

And clearly, that commenter who was spreading hate is just downright crazy. Any rational person who looks at Knowles’ photos of Julez can tell he’s going to be an absolute lady magnet.

Do you think Knowles’ response to the hate was spot on?


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