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Lauren Manzo angers RHONJ fans by throwing Teresa Giudice under the bus

It’s not exactly a secret that Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice struggle to get along, but until last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, fans of RHONJ didn’t realize the extent to which Manzo had passed down this distaste to her daughter.

Lauren Manzo thinks Joe Giudice is a great guy, but she’s not as fond of Teresa. She all but admitted as much last night, when she chatted about the Teresa Check In special during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. When asked to share her thoughts on the RHONJ special, Manzo admitted that, while she was saddened by the Giudice update, she recognized that this was exactly how Teresa Giudice wanted her to feel.

WWHL Manzos
Image: Bravo

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Joe Gorga thinks prison has changed Giudice for the better, but Manzo believes she is as manipulative as ever. She told Cohen, “I think [Giudice] knew what she was doing from the inside… I think she knew what she was doing to make everyone cry.”

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Fans of RHONJ do not condone the behavior that landed Giudice in prison, but they also believe Manzo was out of line when she spoke ill of Giudice. While discussing Watch What Happens Live on Twitter, several annoyed individuals claimed Manzo should have refused to comment on the Giudice situation. Others insisted that Manzo was simply jealous as Giudice can still garner better ratings than the Manzo family when she’s behind bars.

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Manzo may have said a bit too much while chatting with Cohen, but she did make a good point: Giudice definitely knows how to make viewers feel bad for her. Given the emotional nature of the Teresa Checks In prison visit, it’s easy to forget the terrible behavior that got her into this situation in the first place.

Lauren Manzo on WWHL
Image: Bravo

If Manzo’s little chat about Giudice made one thing very clear, it’s that her family will not make nice with the Giudices in the near future. Caroline Manzo also made this apparent; she told Cohen, “[Teresa and I] are different people, and the last reunion proved to me that it is never going to work between us.”

However, Manzo also said she did not wish Giudice ill. Fans wish Lauren Manzo would have shown as much tact as her mom, but it’s not like her to keep quiet when she has a strong opinion.

Do you agree with Lauren Manzo? Were Teresa Giudice’s efforts to gain sympathy during the Teresa Checks In special manipulative? Comment and share your opinion below.

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