Nicki Minaj causes uproar with her Halloween Instagram post (VIDEO)

Nov 2, 2015 at 9:27 a.m. ET
Image: DJDM/

Nicki Minaj found herself in hot water over the weekend as critics accused her of making fun of a person with a disability.

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The backlash started after Minaj posted an Instagram video of herself dressed up as a magical fairy complete with a tiara, a wand and an awesomely puffy white tutu. In the video, which has since been deleted, Minaj points her magic wand and utters the word "walk" followed by, "I command you to walk." Minaj then laughs wholeheartedly while the camera pans over to a woman in a wheelchair in front of her.


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Minaj was hosting a Halloween party at the 1OAK nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada, and according to E! News, the backlash was swift and fast. Minaj decided to clear up the misunderstanding by tweeting Perez Hilton.


Hilton replied, telling Minaj he had no idea the woman didn't have a disability and that the post had since been updated — according to Hilton, the woman in question may have been Minaj's friend, makeup artist Sheika Daley (who does not have a disability).


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Despite the fact that Minaj has cleared up the misunderstanding and explained what really happened, there are still a few people who are seriously unimpressed.


music_logic_ wrote on Minaj's Instagram post (above), "Nicki let down a lot of f***ing people when she made fun of that disabled person. Just like a lot of famous people showing their real colors."

"Your [sic] a clown. Your entire body is fake but you laughing at disabled woman. Kinda lame," kj_gatsby shared. greekhourglass, agreed, writing, "I don't respect how you laughed at a disabled person in the wheelchair. Disgusting. You ain't no bad bitch. Get ya ass fixed up with your dumb hyeena laugh ho."

And mgrimes75 was also upset with the video, writing, "Just watched the video, disgusting. And nice try trying to come up with some lame ass excuse. But it ain't working."

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