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Blood and Oil: Why Don Johnson rules the show

Rumor has it that Blood and Oil is headed toward cancellation, but fan fervor over one character might just be enough to save the show.

The recent response to Don Johnson, who has returned to TV as oil tycoon Hap Briggs, has been overwhelming.

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“I enjoy the show and especially trying to figure out all of the characters’ motivations and what they’re going to do next,” one fan commented on our recent article explaining why Blood and Oil shouldn’t be canceled. “The other characters (besides Hap) are great, too, but Hap is the epicenter and Don excels in giving him dimension. He is more than a scheming wildcatter!”

And it definitely isn’t just Johnson’s timeless good looks that have fans swooning, though they definitely don’t hurt.

Johnson as Briggs is so deliciously bad it’s brilliant. If anyone is carrying the plot twists and complex character motivations, it’s Briggs. One minute, he’s paying for Cody’s medical bills, but you better believe by the next episode, he’ll be back to manipulating Billy for all he’s worth.

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Briggs’ relationship with Jules is also sinfully complicated. Of course, I totally feel bad for Wick. Mostly because Briggs’ relationship with a much younger mistress, who is also sleeping with his son, definitely gives me the creeps. But that’s a Sunday night soap for you. And there is no denying that Jules and Briggs have some serious chemistry.

One thing is for sure: The show is absolutely not allowed to be canceled before we know who Jules will eventually settle down with. I just don’t see how she can end up with either at this point. Can you even imagine what she and Wick would tell their children about grandpa?

Also, I know Jules and Briggs have quite the fan base rooting for them, but I just don’t trust Briggs enough. He is ruthless enough to toss Jules aside at any minute. At least Darla, for all her faults, knows how to handle him.

It isn’t just the relationships on the show that Briggs is juggling — he’s also fueling all the drama in the oil business. Though this is an area, admittedly, that I’m hoping to see more of in the coming episodes. The show has been focusing on a lot of relationship drama, but I would love to see the business drama come back into play in a big way. Rather than talking about drilling, let’s see some oil action like we got in the premiere.

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It’s time for Briggs to get his hands dirty in the literal sense, since he’s already got the metaphorical down perfectly.

More fans took to Twitter to show their support of Johnson and Blood and Oil.

Do you think Don Johnson as Hap Briggs can save Blood and Oil from being canceled too soon?

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