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Grimm‘s Adalind talks Season 5 teasers: Will she replace Juliette?

Grimm Season 4 left fans gasping for air when it seemed like the NBC series killed off the main character and Nick’s love interest, Juliette. Well, ever since the Season 5 premiere, it sure looks like Juliette is dead. If not, she is gone (for now), thanks to Chavez’s team taking her body. Whatever the case, many fans are now wondering if Adalind is going to become Nick’s main love interest. During a conference call, Claire Coffee opened up about just that and what’s ahead for her character, Adalind, in what she describes as a “pretty twisty, turning season.”

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Per Coffee, with Juliette supposedly dead, Adalind is not there to take the place of her or anyone else. “[Adalind]’s not replacing anything,” she said. “I think this Adalind/Nick relationship is kind of providing just one more layer for the gang. I think for the rest of the team, they definitely aren’t so excited to have her in the fold at first. And nobody is trusting her completely. So it’s a very slow process.”

As for Nick and Adalind, Coffee teased that they will form a bond over their son, Kelly, but she didn’t talk about whether or not there will indeed be a romance forming.

“You know at the beginning of the season they find themselves — they’re both at a bit of a crossroads; Nick having lost his mother and Juliette his — the love of his life,” she elaborated. Right now, Coffee said Nick and Adalind’s love for Kelly and their determination to keep him safe unites them, but as for whether their relationship will go further than just co-parents, Coffee remained mum.

“I think it’s easy to let bygones be bygones when you have a baby that’s, you know, that really does need you 24 hours a day,” she added.

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However, when it comes to Adalind’s other child, Diana, Coffee wasn’t shy about dishing details. She said they’re filming Episode 11, and Adalind “hasn’t gotten her back yet.” So, where is Diana? Well, the last time fans saw her, she was with Meisner, so maybe Diana is trapped in that mysterious cell?

Whatever the case, Coffee added, “[Diana] is aging rapidly, so we’re all sort of speculating as to how she will be when I finally see her again. At this point, whomever she’s with has spent a lot more time with her than Adalind has. So those mother ties are very, very strong, but the relationship would obviously be, I think, difficult at first.”

In between Adalind and Nick dealing with parenthood, there’s also the Wesen uprising throughout Portland, which is wreaking a lot of havoc, and as Coffee said, “there’s a lot going on.” According to her, there is a “brand-new villainess entity,” which is contributing to all the madness. Maybe this villainess is who Meisner has locked away? Who knows, but it sure sounds like fans are in for even more drama and action, including Nick and Adalind as parents.

Grimm airs on Fridays at 9/8c on NBC.

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