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Sister Wives fans creeped out over Kody renaming kids at adoption celebration

On Sister Wives, the Browns welcome Robyn’s kids into the family officially with an adoption party that bugged fans, complete with cake, a gift you won’t soon forget, and Kody’s bizarre renaming of the kids.

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Kody Robyn kids
Image: TLC

Last week, we saw what many viewers hoped would be the end of the Kody/Robyn adoption saga when a judge formally finalized it. However, because apparently this season’s drama depends on the whole thing being dragged out as long as possible, Sunday’s episode included an adoption party to celebrate Robyn’s kids becoming Browns. The planning for the event featured a lot of bickering among Kody and the wives about food. “No drumsticks and no wings,” Christine said to Kody. “Are you crying inside?” (Heh.) There was also a presentation of gifts — a watch for Kody (engraved with “Daddy”) and a necklace for Meri with three diamonds. According to the kids, the diamonds represent each of them, as well as the past, present and future. Robyn’s gift to Kody, a portrait she commissioned of him with her three children, had fans weirded out, to say the least.

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Sister Wives fans are pretty burnt out on Robyn by now (although you could argue convincingly that they have been since she first appeared on the scene), so it’s not really surprisingly that they’re lining up to mock the painting. It wasn’t just Robyn’s weird gift, her crying, and what viewers suspect was her coaxing Aurora into telling Kody she loved him that was annoying this week, though. Kody’s behavior at the adoption party was also cringe-worthy. He gave the kids plaques welcoming them into the family, and also blessed them…by giving them their own names? Confused? Twitter was also.

Although the adoption has been solidified and celebrated, there are other questions to be answered. Will Kody divorce Robyn and remarry Meri? (Or, as one fan suggested, divorce Robyn and marry Christine?) Or will the arrangement stay in tact, giving both the show’s viewers and the Internet all the more reason to think Robyn is Kody’s favorite? It’s pretty clear that Meri’s still miserable, overwhelmed by the drama with her health, and her relationship with Janelle. The previews for next week’s episode hint at cracks in Meri’s stoic veneer, so maybe we are about to see a shift. After all, there couldn’t possibly be anything else to say about the adoption…right?

Robyn and children
Image: TLC

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What did you think of Robyn’s gift to Kody? Was it sweet or completely bizarre? What about Kody blessing the kids? Are you ready to be done talking about adoption now?

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