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Once Upon a Time: Is Nimue the original Dark One?

Once Upon a Time keeps on giving fans more questions and less answers. During Sunday night’s episode, not only did Rumple become the hero Emma needs (yes, he removed Excalibur from the stone), but it was revealed that Nimue is the key to destroying the darkness. So, who is Nimue? That’s the exact question fans are racking their brains over.

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Thanks to Henry being the author and having a special connection with Merlin, he was able to use the Crimson Crown and communicate with him via a message (or as Regina called it “Merlin’s voicemail”) the powerful sorcerer left. According to Merlin, if they want to destroy the darkness, they must find Nimue. Huh? Who? Now that Emma possesses Excalibur, Snow, Charming, Hook and Regina better hurry in finding this mysterious Nimue. If not, Emma might just snuff out all of the light for good.

Based on next week’s episode promo, which is titled “Nimue,” in order for Emma to forge Excalibur and the Dark One’s dagger she will have to summon “the darkest force of all.” So, is that Nimue? If so, does this mean Nimue is the original Dark One?

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As usual, OUAT fans are throwing out all kinds of theories about Nimue. They believe there’s no doubt they will finally meet the OG Dark One. However, if Nimue isn’t the original force of the darkness, then maybe Nimue is tied to the Lady of the Lake? According to several Disney Wikipedia pages, there is someone named Lady Nimue of the Lake, who also happens to be a villainess determined to take over Camelot. If that isn’t enough, Nimue (sometimes spelled Nimueh), is also known to be a character who had her eyes set on destroying Merlin and King Arthur.

Moreover, there are some fans who think Nimue is not only the original Dark One, but the love Merlin once lost. Never say never when it comes to OUAT. For those who don’t recall, during Season 5’s “Dreamcatcher” episode, it was revealed that Merlin faced off against a masked Dark One and accused the villain of destroying “the only woman I ever loved.” That could easily translate to: Merlin’s former love succumbed to the darkness and became the Dark One.

Whoever and whatever Nimue is, let’s hope he/she/it can save Storybrooke and Emma from total darkness.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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