Supergirl: Why Kara's horrible boss is actually the perfect ally

Nov 2, 2015 at 12:52 a.m. ET
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Kara Zor-El's enemies have sure piled up quickly since she emerged as Supergirl last week.

Yes, Supergirl defeated Vartox no problem, but she's still got Aunt Astra, the Kryptonian Fort Rozz escapees, Agent Henshaw and possibly even her own sister to conquer.

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And she's especially got her hands full with her domineering meanie of a boss, Cat Grant. Cat, played flawlessly by the amazing Calista Flockhart, is cruel, demanding, conniving and doesn't give a damn about anyone's feelings — but should we be so quick to add her to Kara's enemy list when she might actually be a powerful ally?

Cat Grant on Supergirl
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Cat constantly belittles and walks all over Kara and is poised to bulldoze James, however, now that we've seen her in action a little more, it's becoming more and more evident that she is just what Kara needs to grow into her Supergirl boots.

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She gets it done

Say what you will about Cat, but she's got a work ethic like no other and she gets shit done. She single-handedly built her CatCo empire from the bottom up and, in this week's episode, she perfectly describes how she fought her way through the ranks to get where she is. She also suggests that Kara is on her way to doing the same when she says, "How about we start small and work our way up? Supergirl should take a page out of your book, Kara."

It also speaks volumes when Cat says, "He he he. Him him him. I am so sick of hearing about the man of steel. Every woman worth her salt knows that we have to work twice as hard as a man to be thought of as half as good."

Cat's obviously been met with her fair share of adversity and Supergirl might be wise to listen up.


Cat is actually the voice of reason

She may come off as a tad bitchy, but the advice Cat gives is rock solid. When she tells Kara to "join a gym" and get her "head out of the clouds and behind a desk," it sounds harsh, but she's giving her a chance to get back in the game, not threatening to fire her.

She gave Kara some real words of wisdom when she said Supergirl needs to "calm the hell down. She's taking on way too much, way too fast."

And Cat hit the nail on the head with, "This inexperienced idiot has barely had a run in her tights and yet there she is at the epicenter of danger. What's next? 'I think I'll catch the meteor that's heading straight for the White House. Oh, whoopsie.' No, no, no there is a learning curve. You don't just walk through the front doors and suddenly own the company."


Power of influence

Furthermore, Kara values her opinion. Cat had the power to influence Kara even when Alex couldn't  — because, let's face it, Alex basically gave Kara the same advice as Cat.

And Cat's advice works! Kara wasn't trying to hear what Alex was telling her, but Cat's speech woke her up. Supergirl tackling mundane missions such as run-of-the-mill pizza restaurant armed robberies, ambulances stuck in traffic and rescuing little girls' pets stuck in trees was the perfect PR to get Supergirl back in National City's good graces and have everyone asking, "What oil spill?"


She's a lot like Kara

Sure, Cat seems cold and uncaring, but she and Kara actually have more in common than one might think. We've already got a couple of hints that Cat's mom is either absent or abusive, and Kara obviously has a tragic history where her parents are concerned.


They've certainly developed different defense mechanisms due to their trauma, but maybe they subconsciously recognize their similarities in each other, which would also explain why Kara was so much more open to Cat's advice than her own sister's.

She sees Kara/Supergirl for who she is

When Kara initially refuses to grant Cat a face-to-face Supergirl interview, she says it's because Cat will recognize her. James, however, is quick to point out that Cat "doesn't see" Kara standing in front of her in the office.

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But after Cat's speech about Supergirl and the knowing look we see in Cat's eyes when she does come face to face with her, it sure seems that she might actually see Kara/Supergirl more than we thought. In a weird way, she does have a soft spot for Kara and it's not outside the realm of possibility that she does recognize Kara immediately when Supergirl is standing in front of her.

Cat Grant and Kara on Supergirl
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The title of this week's episode is "Stronger Together," and through coming together with her former enemy of a boss, Kara and Supergirl are definitely stronger.

What do you think? Is Cat Grant a Supergirl friend or foe?

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