The Amazing Race: The Green Team's constant bickering could cost them the game

Nov 1, 2015 at 9:33 p.m. ET
Image: CBS

I should have known something was going to go down tonight with The Green Team. During the past five weeks, think about it. The Green Team hasn’t really been a team, but rather Justin and a flash of flesh that was running with him.

But this week, Diana got a lot of screen time from the beginning. And we all know that when someone gets a lot of screen time it can only mean one thing.


Let’s revisit my article last week, when I listed the things that you don’t do when you’re on The Amazing Race. There were five things, but this one especially stood out to me tonight: Arguing with your partner is not productive.

I have to imagine that Justin and Diana didn’t get the memo, because the entire show seemed to focus on their constant bickering. I honestly think it’s part of their relationship and a way they blow off steam, but in tonight’s case, it almost cost them their lead.


All of the contestants had to put on a FitBit, which measured heart rate. At first, I thought we were going to have an adrenaline pumping episode, but no such luck.

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Things started off just swell for Justin and Diana when we saw them at the first challenge, which was nothing more than bungee jumping off the bridge. Diana did awesome at this, and off they went to the detour, where they had to choose to rap in French or shuck oysters. Justin chooses Drop Mic, and that’s not all that ends up getting dropped. We find out that learning French phrases was part of Diana’s ‘task’ when Justin asked her to marry him…

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Apparently, Justin is an old-hand at rapping, but Diana is not at all happy or comfortable with the challenge. Halfway through the practice session, she lets him know. They end up spending valuable time “debating” whether to stay or to go, and finally nail (?!) the rap and get to the mat first, where even Phil tells Justin to “be nice to her.”


I have to give some major props to The Cheerleaders tonight. Not only did they nail their rap, but they managed to do so AND come in second. Last week’s first place team, Team Alabama, took a big hit by choosing the rap detour. You just can’t expect an Alabama mama to let loose of her Southern twang and be able to master a rap in French.


Lucky for all the teams who were lagging behind, tonight was yet another "to be continued." I miss the days of it being called what it is – a non-elimination leg. But judging from how long it’s taking some of these teams to finish the task at hand, it would take two shows just to get them all to Phil anyhow.

What do you think? Does The Green Team still reign supreme? Do you think this is just the first crack in their surface or will there be more?