Grimm: 4 Theories of what Meisner has in that creepy cell

Nov 6, 2015 at 10:16 p.m. ET
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Things are getting even more mysterious on Grimm. In between Nick and Adalind playing house with their newborn son Kelly, Nick is trying to figure out what kind of Wesen uprising is happening in Portland. As worrisome as that is, maybe Nick needs to be concerned with whatever (or whoever) Meisner is holding in that cell.

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Seriously, what is Meisner up to? Last time we saw Meisner, he was rescuing Adalind and Renard's daughter Diana from King Frederick. Where did he go after that? Apparently, he joined forces with the now deceased Agent Chavez. It seems like they are trying to fight whatever is coming to Portland, but what is in that cell? Whatever or whoever it is, it appears to be dangerous. It almost seems like Meisner is training and/or taming it.

Until more is revealed, like who or what is behind that door, let's speculate about who or what it could be.

1. Juliette

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Anyone else still not convinced Juliette is truly dead? Plus, Chavez and her team took her body, but where? Maybe she is alive and in that cell? Based on that ominous roar heard when Chavez looked inside, it could easily be Juliette, since she is a Hexenbiest. If it is her, what does Meisner want with her? Maybe she's more important than Grimm fans know.

2. Trubel

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Like Juliette's body, Trubel is missing. Is she now some type of Wesen? I highly doubt that, but in the Grimm world anything is possible.

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3. Diana

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This seems like the most likely candidate, especially since she was last seen with Meisner. Not to mention, she has a Hexenbiest mother and a Zauberbiest father, so she could easily be the thing/person in that cell. Remember, Diana grows rapidly, so maybe she is now older, more powerful and more dangerous.

4. An unknown Wesen

Hank and Wu
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During a conference call with Claire Coffee (Adalind), she revealed that there is a "brand new villainess entity" this season. Whatever Meisner is up to could most definitely involve this unknown evil.

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