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Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham spotted getting cozy with her ex (PHOTO)

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has officially gotten back together with her ex-boyfriend, and we know thanks to a few comments on his Instagram.

Abraham and her (former) ex-boyfriend Simon Saran were spotted Thursday at a Halloween costume party, getting cozy and hamming it up for the camera.

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The pair split briefly this summer, but according to Us Weekly, a source confirmed they are back on. It’s really no surprise, as Saran has been posting photos of the couple for the last several weeks, and if you scroll through the comments, Abraham often has loving words to say to her man. She even refers to him as the “best #BF,” on one occasion (BF we are assuming means boyfriend).

Let’s take a second to talk about Abraham’s Halloween costume before we move on, shall we?

Abraham decided to go as Belle, our favorite Beast- and book-loving princess from Beauty and the Beast, and her getup was… different, to say the least.

Or… original, maybe? I’m not quite sure how to describe it, so I’ll just show you.

Image: Charlie Steffens/

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It gives a whole new meaning to “artistic license,” but I digress.

It seems Saran and Abraham have been back on for weeks now, with Saran posting on Sunday another snap of the pair with his arm wrapped around Abraham.

Saran was also Abraham’s biggest cheerleader during her stint on Celebrity Big Brother UK, posting often about what was going on with her on the show, and encouraging fans to vote for her.

In addition to that, he could be seen bedside during Abraham’s most recent breast augmentation.

Have the tables turned for this couple? During the last season of Teen Mom, it was Abraham who wanted to take things to the next level, often talking about how she wanted to get engaged and move in with her boyfriend of less than a year, while Saran seemed standoffish about moving that fast. During one episode, he said he wanted to wait several years before moving forward, which prompted Abraham to reply, “That’s for ugly girls, babe. That’s for ugly girls.”

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