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Once Upon a Time: 4 Hearts Emma may have crushed for the curse

When Once Upon a Time made Emma the Dark One, fans knew things would go from bad to worse before getting better. Well, if you’re a die-hard fan, then you know that in order for Emma to create the curse, she had to crush the heart of the thing she loves most. You know what that means? Someone is probably going to die — and someone fans love.

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Entertainment Weekly spoke with OUAT creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz about whether Emma did indeed crush someone’s heart to cause the curse that wiped the memories of the past six weeks from those who went to Camelot. Kitsis said, “Yes. Can’t make a dark curse without crushing the heart of the thing you love most.”

Horowitz added, “There’s other stuff going on than what appears on the surface right now.”

Kitsis then continued, “The question you’re asking is whose heart is it and is someone going to die? We’re not going to answer that, but we will say the information you need to guess has not appeared yet … or has it.”

So, does this mean someone will die? If so, then there are only a few characters worthy of Emma’s love that could enact the curse. With that said, OUAT could pull a Snow and Charming moment with the splitting of a heart. Remember when Snow crushed David’s heart to create the curse in Season 3 and then Regina split Snow’s heart in order to save David? Something like that could very much happen. Or, maybe Emma found another way to create the curse because as Horowitz teased, nothing is really as it seems.

Since the curse is already in effect and all of Emma’s loved ones are still alive, how can that be? When someone’s heart is crushed, they die. So if Emma crushed the heart of the thing she loves most, shouldn’t that person no longer be in Storybrooke? Unless, the heart splitting definitely happened. Moreover, does this mean that someone isn’t who they say or think they are? Did Emma cast some type of cloaking spell to make it appear like one of her loved ones is in Storybrooke, when in fact they are really dead? Like Horowitz said, there’s more going on “than what appears on the surface right now.”

Whatever the case and before my head explodes, let’s analyze who’s heart Emma may have crushed.

1. Henry


Image: Giphy

This seems to be the most obvious choice, especially since he is Emma’s son. How heartbreaking — literally. I wouldn’t put it past her. I mean, she did have Henry’s crush break his heart, so, yeah.

2. Snow


Image: Giphy

Seeing as Snow is Emma’s mother, she’s definitely someone Emma cares about deeply, which makes her heart worthy of creating a curse. But seeing as she only has half a heart, would it be able to create a curse?

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3. Charming

Snow and Charming

Image: Giphy

Charming is Emma’s father, after all. But, like Snow, he only has half a heart, which means Emma might choose someone else. Or, worse, take both Snow and Charming’s heart halves.

4. Hook


Image: Giphy

Finally, maybe Hook’s heart was crushed? Emma and Hook are meant to be, so he could be the thing she loves most. Ugh. That’s too much to handle and too many emotions to feel.

As sad as it would be to say goodbye to any of these characters, some suspect they won’t be dead for good, especially if the second half of Season 5 will focus on the Underworld, as previously teased. Maybe, just maybe, the character whose heart gets crushed will end up in hell with that rumored dapper devil TVLine reported about.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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