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Jessa Duggar posts last pregnancy photo before she pops (PHOTO)

Jessa Duggar has posted what will probably be her final pregnancy picture before she gives birth (her due date is on Sunday), and fans have just received another clue about what she’s having.

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And it looks like it may be twins after all….

“did u notice she has two ultrasounds on the frame behind her?,” adelahutuleac wrote. adribrookem also noticed the sign, and wrote, “B and L? Twins?? And so happy for you!!”

“am I the only one who sees two sonogram pics in the background frame twins???? hmmmmmmmmmm,” prime11z said.

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Other comments on the picture include, “Twins,” “Looks like twins!! Hope all goes smoothly!!”, and “Is it twins?”

But not everyone thinks Jessa is having twins; the “B” and “L” could be a “B” and “J”, which would stand for Ben and Jessa. And imperfect_beauty02 pointed out that it’s not abnormal to get more than one ultrasound picture.

She wrote, “She might want some of both colors and more than one ultrasound picture is normal you get different amounts depending on who you go and see. But good luck. Hope everything goes good. God bless you. And praying for y’all. Good luck.”

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Do you think Jessa’s picture gives a clue about what she’s having? Or do you really not care? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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