Scandal: Why Olivia is a fool for constantly turning to Jake for advice

Oct 30, 2015 at 3:38 a.m. ET
Image: ABC

Enough is enough on Scandal. Olivia needs to stop calling Jake all the time for "advice"!

Olivia (Kerry Washington) called Jake again during tonight's episode (twice!), and it was the straw that finally broke the camel's back. Especially because it came right after she and Fitz nearly broke up because he realized she was too scared to make a solid decision about her future.

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"I need to know what to do," Olivia told Jake on the phone after asking him if she should get married. "You're who I talk to."

Thankfully, the scene didn't lead to a total heart attack, because Jake, rightfully and finally, hung up on Olivia without answering the question.

You're ex-lover, runner-up soulmate, man-who-you-were-sleeping-with-at-the-same-time-you-were-sleeping-with-your-now-significant-other can't be the guy you call when you need some marriage advice!

Come on, Olivia!

For how smart she is, she is really not doing herself any favors each week when she gets Jake on the phone.

If Olivia isn't going to move on for herself, she should at least cut friendship ties with Jake for his sake. He deserves to move on, and she's selfishly holding him back because she's afraid.

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She can't have her cake, and eat it, too!

She chose Fitz.

She loves Fitz.

She wants Fitz.

And she's reinforced that decision for long enough now that she doesn't get to be wishy-washy on her boyfriends anymore.

If she can't make up her mind about who she wants to be with, then maybe neither of these men is right for her.

"No wedding dress, no flowers and no vows, and I'm keeping my name," Olivia tells Fitz after she half-heartedly accepts his proposal with an "OK."

Now, that's definitely Olivia Pope's style, and I love her for it, but the whole thing just seems so unhealthy.

Even Fitz tells Mellie that his marriage to Olivia will be "fabricated," even though he says she's "the only woman I've ever loved," because he's facing impeachment.

"Don't you ask me for anything," Jake finally tells Olivia when she calls him for the second time in the episode. "That's his job."

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Uh, absolutely!

It seems that Fitz and Olivia should figure that out before they tie the knot, presidency at stake or not.

I get why Olivia is terrified about the shotgun wedding. That's not what's in question. What I'm questioning is why she thinks keeping Jake in her life as a confidant is a healthy idea.

But, judging by the previews for next week's episode, Olivia won't be breaking ties with Jake anytime soon. In fact, just the opposite, because Jake is going to help her kill her father once and for all.

Do you think Olivia needs to cut ties with Jake for good?