Vampire Diaries: Alaric’s surprise and 6 other crazy Season 7 developments

Each week, The Vampire Diaries is blowing our minds with insane flash-forwards that have us both dreading and anticipating this unfamiliar future on the show.

So far, here’s what we know about what the future has in store for our favorite characters.

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1. Tyler’s back

Well, not back in Mystic Falls — but back in Caroline’s (Candice Accola) life in a big way. And I, for one, am glad to see him return on new terms. He made it out and something tells me his success story will be a launching pad for Caroline.

2. Caroline is engaged

But to whom, exactly, remains to be seen. Klaus anyone? Wishful thinking, I know.

3. Stefan and Caroline are on horrible terms

Not only are Stefan and Caroline not engaged, she also really doesn’t like him. Like, she gets that crazy Caroline look in her eye when one of her coworkers even mentions his name. Heart. Breaking.

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4. Caroline is in trouble

Stefan isn’t the only one Caroline’s on bad terms with, she’s also got a bigger enemy looming in the future. Stefan called to warn her, though she won’t take his call. It may end up costing her life.

5. Stefan and Damon are in trouble

The premiere showed a frantic Stefan waking Damon (Ian Somerhalder) up from his coffin sleep because Stefan needs his brother’s help. But from whom or what remains a mystery. It could be the heretics, but that seems unlikely given that we’re dealing with all their drama in the present.

6. Alaric has twins

We discovered tonight that Jo has successfully returned from the dead, thanks to Bonnie (Kat Graham). Rejoice!

But that doesn’t mean Alaric has found his happy place. There is no way The Vampire Diaries is going to give it up that easy. Right? We’ve been down this road to potential happiness before. Still, three years from now, he will have two adorable twin girls, according to the flash-forwards from tonight’s episode.

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7. And Alaric doesn’t seem to trust Damon at all

When Damon storms into Alaric’s happy place with his daughter, the protective papa’s move isn’t to hug his buddy Damon. Nor do the girls run to greet their “uncle.” Rather, Alaric immediately shuffles the girls behind him in a protective gesture that screams distrust. What happened between these two?

Now let’s all just hope this doesn’t end like Lost, because we really, really need some sort of happily ever after at this point in the show. Of course, it can’t be happily ever after if Damon and Alaric aren’t drinking whiskey together after long days on the supernatural battlefield.

Do you think the Vampire Diaries Season 7 flash-forwards are guaranteed events or maybe just character fantasies that reflect each episode’s theme?