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Don’t Be Tardy fans applaud Kim Zolciak’s words of wisdom

Kim Zolciak might spoil her kids, but she’s not as terrible of a parent as her haters seem to think. During the latest episode of Don’t Be Tardy, Zolciak gave her daughter some sage career and relationship advice. Now, it’s up to Biermann to actually abide by these words of wisdom.

Brielle and Kim
Image: Bravo

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When she filmed the latest episode of Don’t Be Tardy, Biermann was still torn between her relationship with Slade Osborne and her goal of becoming the next Giuliana Rancic. She has since decided to kick Osborne to the curb. This decision was very likely influenced by Zolciak, who told Biermann that she would eventually have to choose between chasing a man and chasing her dreams. This suggestion was offered during a conversation with Rancic, who admitted that she and Zolciak shared the same motto. But while Rancic envisioned a long-distance relationship for Biermann and Osborne (much like the long-distance romance she and Bill Rancic initially pursued), this setup was clearly not in the cards for the young couple.

Brielle at E!
Image: Bravo

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Fans definitely agree with Zolciak and Rancic when it comes to the importance of prioritizing career aspirations over boys, although their perception of the situation may be somewhat influenced by Biermann’s recent breakup. While reflecting on the latest episode of Don’t Be Tardy, several Twitter users echoed Zolciak’s sentiments about Biermann chasing her dreams. Others advised Biermann to go after her dreams and let the guys do the chasing.

A few fans, although relieved to see Zolciak encouraging independence in her daughter, still feel that she should think twice before going along with Biermann’s big plans to relocate. While it’s great that Biermann is intent on pursuing her career aspirations, she’s just not ready to live on her own in the big city. Zolciak still thinks that Biermann is immediately going to find success in the City of Dreams, but as always, Kroy Biermann is more realistic. He realizes that Brielle has never “fallen down and had to pick herself back up.” Given her apparent lack of basic life skills, her learning curve is bound to be far steeper than that of the average young adult.

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Plenty of skeptics think that Biermann is destined to fail in Los Angeles, but she has at least proven that she knows how to read from a teleprompter. Who knows — now that her problematic relationship is out of the way, Biermann just might be ready to make her mark in California.

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